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Monday, October 21, 2019

The Ketu (Southern Lunar Node) in Astrology

So this is a sort of continuation to my previous post i.e.

Today we gonna see what Ketu which is known as the Southern Lunar Node, has to offer you guys!!

Both Rahu and Ketu, as discussed earlier, are the imaginary nodes and mysterious forces that signify worldly desires and karmic & spiritual influences in the birth chart respectively. 

It is also known as the Tail of Demon or Dragon's Tail (Rahu is Dragon's Head). 
It represents your karma in the past life and imparts individual with spirituality, intuition powers, liberation and salvation, knowledge of occult and mysteries of life. It is a headless torso signifying Detachments. 
Wherever house/sign it sits in, it makes native lose attachments with the concerned department of the natal chart. It is not because it makes you inimical towards it but it is only because of the nullification of the past life karmas you have to do in this birth with that house/sign.

Both Rahu and Ketu give sudden results whether good or bad. Ketu not only gives knowledge of spiritual and religious aspects but also gives very strong interest in supernatural powers and their implications. It gives native strong healing powers and the ability to heal others through reiki, spiritual, intuition and even tantric powers.

Astronomical/scientific significance of the Ketu.

As already mentioned both Rahu and Ketu lack physical form and shape, yet these hold very strong impacts on human's life.


Astrological significance of the Ketu.

How Ketu came into existence into Vedic Astrology, the Svarbhanu and the Gods' Tale, and its importance refer:

Let us see further details related to the Ketu:

Planetary Cabinet: Shadowy Planet

Planetary Complexion: Grey, navy-blue, blackish

Planetary Nature: Malefic

Sex/Gender: Male

Relationship Governed: Maternal grandfather, Paternal grandmother, ancestors, etc.

Physical Appearance: Tall stature, easily excitable, ferocious eyes, dark complexion, etc.

Transit: 18 months

Direction: North-east

Metal: Mix, Mica

Gem: Cat's eye (Lehsuniya)

Body Parts Ruled: Belly, endocrine system, mind. etc

Own sign: Scorpio (along with Mars)

Mooltrikone sign: Scorpio

Exalted sign: Scorpio 15 degrees

Debilitated sign: Taurus 15 degrees

Friendly Planet: Saturn, Venus, Mercury

Inimical Planet: Sun, Moon, Mars

Neutral Planet: Jupiter

Mahadasha Period: 7 Years

Profession/Career Associated: Religious preacher, drug industry, poison and their antidotes, medicine, spiritual healer, occult science, pharmacists, Professions associated with Saturn, working in smelling and filth areas as sweepers, etc, butchers, mortuary workers, philosopher, priest, plotters, etc.


Like Rahu, Ketu also gives a sudden rise and fame. Luxury, wisdom and intuitive powers. A great spiritual healer with mysterious knowledge of the occult. Good doctors and knowledgable astrologers have good Ketu influence. Such a person is able to understand that there is no use in running behind the worldly desires that Rahu infuses in the native. Ketu-driven native is above the illusory and neverending temptation of luxuries, wealth, desires and especially matters related to the house/sign it sits in.

#Note: Strong Ketu along with the benefic Jupiter especially in 12th and 8th houses is capable of rendering Moksha(salvation) to an individual. Obviously other planetary combinations also taken into consideration as well. Such a person attains spirituality easily and has a strong religious and spiritual belief system.


Weak or afflicted Ketu gives a lot of anxiety, depression, low self-confidence and low-esteem issues. Native's life becomes so stressful and full of hurdles and struggles, especially seen in Ketu Mahadasha and Antardahsa. The person may resort to over-indulgence and criminal tendencies especially suicidal are also not uncommon. Mental disorders and lunacy can also be seen in the worst cases of Ketu affliction. Native's purpose of life is lost and he often becomes a confusing personality who aimlessly pursue life with a lot of mental chaos. The person wants to be in solitude but when given a chance to be in the same, he panics due to his aimless and lost personality. Full of jealousy and arrogance. Easily irritable.

#Note: Weak Ketu along with other planetary combination and aspects can make the native face supernatural or ghost (paranormal) issues as well. Even demonic possessions and their effect can also be seen with the placements of this sort.

This was my take on the shadowy planet Ketu in a very general form without taking into consideration the other aspects of astrology such as placements, aspects, conjunctions, etc. Proper analysis of the entire birth chart is of utmost importance in the process of final prediction for the person concerned.

So don't get too excited or disheartened by the general outlook or effects of the planets. Astrology is much deeper than it appears. So enjoy the ride!!

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