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Wednesday, September 13, 2023

All About Libra Rising Sign- Libra Ascendant Traits and Characteristics


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Today we will discuss the seventh sign in the zodiacal series i.e. Libra Ascendant. This ascendant is ruled by Venus. Libra is a cardinal sign and is one of the Air Elemental signs along with Gemini and Aquarius.


Libra ascendant person has a radiant face with a pleasant smile. Has a beautiful physique and slender appearance. The nose is pointed and sleek generally. Have an accurate sense of congeniality with a friendly approach. Typically, they have an oval face with a bright complexion. While men have athletic bodies, women tend to have beautiful curvaceous bodies with bright-large round eyes. Well-groomed and neat. Very attractive and social in general. 


Libra ascendant people are very peaceful and balanced in approach. They stay away from unnecessary drama. They are very artistic and creative people. They love everything that has beauty, luxury and sensuous touch to them. They are highly cautious about the way they talk and put forward their opinions so that the second person doesn't feel offended about anything. They are well-articulated, highly knowledgeable and intelligent in their field of concern. Very gentle and sweet-spoken. They don't like to beat around the bush and believe in straightforwardness. Very fond of music, culture and arts. As per the sign they rule, they are very good at resolving conflicts and are natural peace-makers. They give solicited and unbiased advice to people and never choose sides based on partiality.


The main areas of concern for libra rising are kidneys and reproductive organs in general. Highly advised to have an adequate amount of water intake in their routine lives. Restrain yourself with a high-sodium diet and consume fresh and fibrous foods. They can be prone to anxiety and restlessness which can lead to indecisiveness. Take care of weight gain especially lower back region with progressing age.


Libra ascendant people have a smooth approach towards money. They are spendthrift and do whatever it takes to satisfy their urge for luxury, comforts and pleasures. They need to be equipped to handle the savings and investment part of their finances. A lot of information about their finances can be seen by analysing the position of Venus and Mars in their natal chart. They are usually good and balanced in managing money. They are seldom short of money and comfort in their lives. 
Careers that best suit them: Artists, Singers, peacemakers, Mediators, Architects, Lawyers, Jewellers, Travel agents, Beauticians, Guidance counsellors, etc.


Libra ascendant people are usually straightforward in relationships and communicate directly whatever they seek in a particular relationship. Libra-rising males often appear restless and impatience in relations which might land them in some arguments and trouble. They look for fun, humour and adventure along with loyalty in the relationship. They are always emotionally present for their partner. Whereas Libra-rising females are polite and are much more balanced in relations as compared to their counterparts. They are sometimes critical of their partners as they seek perfection in them but that's sheer out of their want of extracting the best out of the latter. Very loyal in their relationships and marriage (albeit a little flirtatious) and careful with their usage of words. Libra-rising people have sharp eyes for looks and it really matters to them in their relationship. So one should be well-groomed and articulate with a good sense of congeniality to be in the eye of the Libra ascendant.
They are compatible with Aquarius and Gemini Ascendant people. Also, they gel well with Leo and Sagittarius ascendants lads as well. 


1. Stop being over-critical of others so that the relationship blossoms beautifully without any hesitations and judgements. 

2. Sometimes you have to rise above just looks and embrace the inner beauty of people you meet in order to know about the true nature and depth of any relationship. 

3. Reduce sodium intake in your diet and add fibrous components to your food. Drink plenty of fluids.

4. Even though these people are balanced, there is a need to have control over their expenditures which sometimes exceed their income.

5. Donate white-coloured items to needy people. It is better to do it on Fridays. 

6. Avoid red colour in general especially if it doesn't suit you. You can observe it on your own whether red suits you or not.

7. You can wear a Diamond ( 50 cents ) on Friday morning in the waxing moon period (Shukla paksha). Do consult a learned astrologer before wearing it as there are some permutations and combinations ( out of the scope of this post ) in which case it won't be of much use. So before investing in a good diamond be sure of it.

Monday, April 17, 2023

All About Virgo Rising Sign- Virgo Ascendant Traits and Characteristics


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So next in our Ascendant series is Virgo Ascendant which is the 6th zodiac sign and is ruled by the planet Mercury. It is a Mutable sign and one of the Eart Elemental signs along with Taurus and Capricorn. So let us quickly understand its basic details.


Virgo ascendant people have slim bodies with simple, clean, refined facial features. Curvy lips and an oval face. They usually have average height. They generally have petite shoulders with an average build and strong symmetric body stats. They have prominent foreheads with fuller cheeks and sleek and sharp noses. Their face is beautiful and attractive with charming eyes that have strong and deep gaze. They are quite congenial with a naturally controlled gait and a careful walk. Like Gemini ascendant, these people also look much younger and more youthful than their actual age. 


The most prominent feature of their personality is how they present themselves publicly. They are a perfect ten on the index of mannerisms and congeniality.  They are stubborn heads and want everything to perfection to the extent of being a maniac sometimes. They are over-critical in nature and have the superpower of picking out the tiniest details that others may not even notice. They may suffer from OCD and restlessness due to the same tendency. They are very practical, composed, introverts, methodical, dignified, fast thinkers and sometimes boastful. They react quickly and constantly work towards their upgradation and mental peace. They can be a bit judgemental sometimes and have a fault-finding tendency. They can't help it as they are innately a keen observer and tends to see through things which others may get past by. And the good part is they not only find fault and judge you but also lend a helping hand to improve on that only when you are willing to do so and ask them for their guidance. They are very stable and constant in their life approach. Always strive for excellence and have a perfect problem-solving attitude due to their detail-orientedness. Very responsible and dutiful. Polite and soft-spoken. Over-organized and self-critical. Reliable and loyal so one can always count on them for their commitments. 


Virgo ascendant people usually have a sensitive digestive system. They have ailments related to intestines mainly large intestines. Due to this, it is very common for them to suffer from constipation. There can sometimes be issues related to skin and allergies. It is also very common for them to suffer from nervousness, anxiety, insomnia, lethargy, despondency and restlessness due to their over-critical and over-thinking tendency. Usually, these people are very cautious about their eating habits and lifestyle choices but when such situations occur, they tend to overeat or binge eat. This consequently leads to obesity in them which they should be cautious about. 


These people are very visionary and have far-sightedness in terms of finances. These are very cautious with their expenditure and unnecessary spending on not-so-useful things is nonsensical to them. They are very meticulous with their savings and investments. They are a perfect balance when it comes to savings and spending. They may appear frugal to people around them but in reality, they are very wise with their money. Virgo-rising people are not only good with their finances but also great advisors to others about financial matters and investments. It is very common to see such people employed in reputed financial and investment institutions. They are excellent financial planners and quick with monetary decisions. This is the reason why many Virgo ascendant people are financially secure and wealthy. They are the most efficient lot of people who judiciously invest for their not-so-welcomed rainy days. No matter how wealthy these people get, they always keep an account of their expenditures, daily income and outgoing finances which makes them perfect finance managers. Virgo-rising people prefer long-term investment goals to short term. They leave no stone unturned and go through every inch of detail before investing in any plan. To cut it short, Virgo-rising people are the most diligent, pragmatic and punctilious with their finances. 
Career options best suit them: Great accountants, salespersons, lawyers, healers, businessmen, teachers, doctors, financial planners, investment bankers, etc.


Virgo ascendant people love perfection in every stratum of life and relationships are no different. They have simple straightforward and easygoing relationships with people around them. Their mothers are generally very spiritual in nature. They have a very cordial and practical relationship with their siblings with a non-interfering approach. They respect relationship boundaries and maintain them with the utmost integrity and loyalty. Always ready to lend a helping hand to those in need. Willing to grow and improvise wherever required and do not hesitate to speak their minds. They love their partners to be bold, rational, logical and balanced in their professional and personal lives. They do not like wishy-washy partners. They like someone who is extroverted and initiates things in terms of romantic conversation. They are a bit introverted and conservative in their approach. Highly loyal but lacks self-expression in love. They may appear boring to their lovers but keep their partner's needs before theirs. They get attracted to creative and unique minds. They are intellectual lovers and true sapiosexuals. They are very emotional and sensitive in relationships and get easily hurt if their emotional quotient doesn't get satiated. They are very self-critical and hence need a partner who encourages and supports them in eradicating their insecurities and paving the path to mutual growth and admiration. Their perfectionist attitude often creates loneliness in their mind despite having great bonding and relationships in their lives.


1. They need to break their overthinking patterns as this may lead to anxiety, restlessness and nervous disorders.

2. They are very critical of others as well as of their own selves. Due to this attribute, people often consider them judgemental and rude. They should try to ignore certain situations that are not under their and stop being overtly critical of these. This holds valid for the relationships with their kids as well. Try to not be a critical parent to your children and let them get the shape of whatever mould they want to be. 

3. They tend to get involved in binge eating especially when their feeling mentally low. Due to this they often gain weight or get diabetic in the long run. They should adopt healthy eating habits and try to distract their minds at such times.

4. They are not someone who like filters. But sometimes you need to get a little articulated (and not a flatterer ) so that others don't get hurt by your straightforwardness. 

5. Don't get to fit into standards that are based on your definition of perfectionism rather than realism. Also, lower your high expectations from your loved ones to fit into the same. Be realistic in terms of perfection as well and remember the most beautiful things in the world are not perfect but unique.

6. Meditation is the key to your mental health. It's a must for the ever-wanderer trait of the Virgo ascendants. It will not only give them a sense of peace and calmness but also enhances their work-life balance for happy living.

7. One can wear an Emerald stone to extract positive results after a recommendation from a learned astrologer. Can be worn on any Wednesday of the waxing moon phase. 

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Wednesday, April 12, 2023

All About Leo Rising Sign- Leo Ascendant Traits and Characteristics


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So today we have reached our 5th sign in the zodiac sign i.e. Leo Ascendant. Leo is the fixed sign and one of the Fire Elemental signs along with Aries and Sagittarius. This ascendant is ruled by the Sun. So let us begin:


Leo ascendant people are of vivacious personalities and staggering charm. They cannot get unnoticed in a crowd and demand attention wherever they go. They have a typical square face with an etched jawline and striking facial bones. The hairline is prominent with a broad and shiny forehead. The hair texture is thick with brown to golden shades. The eyes are bright and shiny with brown to hazel colour. Have prominent facial features and a yellow to golden bright tint to their skin tone. They usually have taller heights. But people with short to average height are also not uncommon.
Their upper bodies are comparatively stouter than the lower ones and have broad shoulders. Their gate is imposing and high on congeniality. As ruled by the Sun, they usually have skeletal solid structures and well-formed calf muscles. 


So when we talk about a Leo ascendant, the thing that strikes the mind is Dynamic and Royal. They are full of vitality, energy, vigour, enthusiasm, confidence (sometimes over-confidence), radiance and charm.
Sometimes they are confused about what they want from life but in those circumstances also they emerge balanced and always appear determined and focused. One cannot miss their presence in a room as they have a magnetic aura that demands attention from people. They love being in the spotlight and are natural storytellers and dramatic in nature. They are very optimistic, loyal, friendly, spontaneous and encouraging to the people around them. They are natural leaders and hate following conventional ways of approaching things. They take pride in whatever they do, but that sometimes go over the board and appear selfish and self-obsessed. They can be seen as people with sensitive and fragile egos especially,  when the Sun's position in the natal chart is afflicted. They may appear as egomaniacs to others. Once their ego gets hurt, it becomes very difficult for them to digest it but they bounce back strong with high spirits like true lions. They are highly ambitious and have very high standards for them. And the good thing is that they can achieve the set goals and that's what fuels their ego all the more. 
They have huge self-regard for themselves and sometimes exaggerate their achievements. They can sometimes turn a little intimidating to others due to their domineering nature but they can't help it as they do have that majestic personality. Their vision for every aspect of their life is quite clear and unique in itself. 


They usually have a robust immunity as ruled by the Sun. There is nothing much to worry about as far as the Sun is well placed in the chart. But due to malposition or inflictions on Sun, they may suffer from the ailments associated with the Heart, Blood circulation, Eyes, Lungs and Bones. May have back pain, hypertension, anxiety or disorders related to the above-mentioned body parts.


Leo people are quite good with finances. Even though they are highly calculative regarding monetary matters, nevertheless they believe in living life king-size. They never shy away to maintain their grandeur and love spending money on brands and luxuries. They give priority to their image a lot and spend on things that maintain the same in the public eye. They carry a high drive to make money and render every inch of themselves to gather abundance in their lives. The position of Mars in the natal chart is of high significance when judging the finances of the Leo ascendant people. It really bothers them a lot if they face any financial loss to the extent that they start feeling ill. It also takes a toll on their mental health. But this doesn't remain for a longer duration as they bounce back with an undying zest to conquer the world and soon establish themselves again.  
Careers that best suit them: Entrepreneurs, Government jobs, administrative jobs, IAS, politicians, social activists, CEOs, professors, celebrities, etc. 


In relationships, Leos are very straightforward and loyal. But they are slightly possessive about their loved ones. They have a very stable and encouraging nature of relationships with their siblings and other family members. They look upon their father and the latter has a significant role in their life-shaping. The mother exhibits a major role in family binding and is usually the pillar of strength in the household. In a romantic relationship, Leos take pride in whosoever they get associated with. But they usually don't get entirely satisfied with them as they have too many expectations from their partners. They don't beat around the bush when it comes to romance with their partners and has a very clear view of how a relationship should be. They leave no stone unturned in showing their love and passion to their partners and exhibit grand gestures in showing their love. 
Since Leo ascendant is very self-engrossed and takes pride in everything they do and possess, they usually want to get in relation with one who also thinks similarly. But in reality, when it happens, there ensues the clash of egos. Hence, it becomes a tug of war between what they actually want and with whom they can actually gel well. Even though they are not orthodox in nature, they are old-school in romantic relationships. They are a shield to their children and raise their kids as warriors. They show tremendous generosity, love, compassion, encouragement and pride in rendering them with a great support system.
Ascendants they are most compatible with- Aries and Sagittarius. Other Ascendants can be Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.


1. First and foremost, they really need to cut down on their massive ego to achieve success not only on the personal front but in every stratum of life.

2. Even though they are good with their money yet there are chances that they may exceed their credit limit in maintaining their luxurious life to suit their image. So they really need to be meticulous regarding the same.

3. Sometimes these people become rigid in their life approaches and don't wanna change as per the need of the hour. It is hence advisable for them to become a little flexible and try to understand the other side of the story as well.

4. Leo ascendant is innately a tad bit aggressive and dominating sign. Their aggression flares up like an explosion on things that are not according to their wish and whim. This attribute doesn't go well with people around them and they start drifting away from them. So try to curb your dominating and aggressive traits as possible.

5. Some kind of exercise and an active lifestyle is very important for them. Aerobics or cardio is something they may get themselves engrossed in. A simple 30-minute walk can also do the job if one has a busy routine. Following a healthy lifestyle with a less spicy and salty diet can maintain Cardiovascular health and good blood circulation in them.

6. These people are usually self-obsessed and may involve in self-praising and appreciation. The majority of the time, they do deserve that applause as well.  But one should wait for others to do so to have an actual evaluation of your image in their eyes. 

7. Leo ascendant people can wear a ruby gemstone of their weight-appropriate carat. This can be worn on any Sunday of the waxing moon phase after consulting a learned astrologer.

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Saturday, April 8, 2023

All About Cancer Rising Sign- Cancer Ascendant Traits and Characteristics


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So today we will discuss the fourth in the series- Cancer Ascendant. Cancer is the cardinal sign and is one of the Water Elemental signs among Scorpio and Pisces. This sign is ruled by the soft Moon. So let's begin with the details.


As the ascendant is ruled by Moon, these people can be easily noticed amongst the crowd with a typical round, full, charming and bright-eyed face. They have a delicate and wavy hair texture. Their eyes are capturing and deep with prominent brows and soft gaze. They have broad chest regions with females having beautifully sculpted breasts and voluptuous curves to admire. They tend to gain weight quickly, especially in the hip region. Their body is stout with wide shoulders. The cheekbones are high and have a gentle comforting smile.


Since it's a water sign, needless to mention their highly emotionally intuitive personality. These are intense people with a lot of mood swings. They have innate nurturing nature which makes them the most comforting and motherly signs of all. It's the fourth sign of the zodiac which in turn makes these people highly fond of their homes ad families. They love to be surrounded by their loved ones and friends. But sometimes due to their over-protective and over-possessive nature, they land up clingy and difficult to be in relation with. These people are true friends indeed and ready to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. Very kind, compassionate, loyal and sensitive people with equally good memory retention. But due to this quality, they often tend to rake up old wounds. This consequently annoys their close ones. They are shy, timid and defensive in nature and just like a crab, they seek solace and resort to their domestic backdrop to get past the situation in particular.  


The Cancer ascendant is generally prone to stomach, intestinal and liver-associated ailments. They tend to suffer from indigestion and bloating generally. They have a fluid-retentive body in general which further gets aggravated by wrong food choices. They are very prone to anxiety and overthinking disorders. Easily get stressed out and slip into a state of depression due to the high complexity of their emotional and mental set-up. For Cancer ascendants, it's very essential for them to feel secure and happy to maintain their health. As it is very common for these people to get sick if they are emotionally tuned off. For them, emotional well-being is of utmost significance to feel healthy.


Okay so money is something, this ascendant is very fond of and knows exactly how to nurture it as well. These people build and grow their finances gradually. Highly methodical, logical and cautious about monetary matters. And this is how they love to invest it too. Their love for financial stability is for their families and loved ones primarily than to spend it on their own luxuries and lifestyle. They love investing their money in different kinds of schemes. They prefer to invest in fixed and immovable assets such as property and lands. They usually have significant bank balances and are likely to allocate their funds in different and separate accounts rather than all in one. With their endless efforts and tenacity, they are usually able to amass huge wealth for themselves and for their loved ones. They truly believe in living peaceful, calm and comfortable life than being flashy and pompous despite having tremendous wealth.
Career options that best suit them- Business related to Milk and by-products, Water-related business, photography, fine arts, creative fields, beauty products, healers, nurses, working in old age homes, social workers, Real estate, landscaping, etc. 


Generally, they are unconditional in any relationship. But it is also not uncommon to see these people keeping an account of how much they are getting in return in terms of love and security. As mentioned earlier, they tend to become very clingy and very moody. They have a tendency to hold on to their loved ones too tight so much so that the latter starts to feel suffocated. They are highly possessive and overprotective of their loved ones. This possessiveness can sometimes lead to jealousy due to their overthinking tendency. They are very close to their mothers in general and if they do not get that reciprocation from their mothers, it can lead to emotional turmoil for them. 
In marriage, they are very orthodox in their approach. They long for a partner who would get easily adapted to the way of living and traditions of their family. During the courtship phase, they keep a track of how much love and security their partner has to offer them. They marry the person only when they tick their required parameters in terms of security, be it love, emotional or even financial.


1. In relationships, try to loosen your grip over matters that don't require you to be overprotective about. Try to curb your possessiveness over your loved ones to let love blossom organically.

2. Sometimes you tend to ignore or let go of the faults of your family members which is quite natural for all of us. But try to take your stand wherever necessary as you are someone who often gets past easily even on crucial matters. Understand that supporting them on wrong deeds is of no use to them so discourage the same.

3. Watch over your food choices as you are a food indolent by nature. This not only aggravates weight gain but also leads to acidity, bloating and indigestion in your already fluid-retentive body.

4. As a cancer ascendant, your mother is of huge influence in your life. Whenever in doubt or in any unavoidable circumstances, try to seek her guidance as it would be of tremendous help, especially for you guys. Mark her words and respect her by all means. 

5. You often tend to trust the other person in your emotionally weak moments. This nature is very vulnerable and can be hurtful to your well-being. Try to gather yourself in such situations to calculate the momentum of the hour and act accordingly.

6. You really need to practice yoga and meditation for your emotional and mental health. Try to incorporate it into your lifestyle. If possible, try to perform it near any water body.

7. One can wear Pearl to extract positive results of this ascendant on any Monday of waxing Moon after consulting a learned astrologer.

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Wednesday, April 5, 2023

All About Gemini Rising Sign- Gemini Ascendant Traits and Characteristics


 Hey Everyone!

 Today we shall be talking about the Gemini Ascendant and its essential details. Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury. It is a mutable sign and one of the Air Elemental signs along with Libra and Aquarius. So let's begin:


Gemini Ascendant people are very active and their body constitution is strong, tall, slender and athletic. They have long limbs and flexible torsos. Have sharp features. Their skin colour is healthy with a slightly wheatish tone but a clear one. The main feature that stands apart in their face is their eyes which is bright, lustrous and twinkling. They usually have a dark brownish shade of hair.
The striking feature of their physical attribute is that they usually appear more youthful than their actual age.



The Gemini ascendant guys are cool with a liberal mindset (Not extremist at all). They are very level-headed with quick wit and humour. They are seldom seen throwing tantrums or touches of sarcasm. In most cases, they are very straightforward with an urge to gain knowledge from wherever possible ( just like "Rancho" from "3 Idiots" ). Their minds are very sharp as the sign is governed by Mercury planet but restless, impatient, nervous and active simultaneously. They need some kind of activity in their hands always else they start feeling bored and eventually restless to the stage of being anxious. They are always on the move as Mercury is also a planet of motion and seek adventure whenever possible. They are born with a deep sense of communication and intellect. Due to this nature, they are beautiful with their means of expression and eager to gain and grasp knowledge. They have curious and creative minds that love mental stimulation as the first ladder to forming any relationship or bond. 


Gemini Ascendant people are usually prone to suffer from upper respiratory tract ailments. Issues with the lungs such as breathing problems, asthma, and pneumonia. May suffer from nervous disorders as they are highly impatient and restless souls. Can be anxiety-ridden. More prone to certain kinds of allergies as well.


Just like the quick, ever-changing, restless minds, their finances are also very volatile. They like to spend more than their actual income and need to be more active to save or invest. They are true spendthrifts but optimistic in their approach. This nature usually lands them in hand-to-mouth situations even if they earn millions. They always want to get updated and live a luxurious life even if it means spending their entire bank balance. This is because they are careless with money and financial decisions. Even though they are capable of meticulous use of money as they are ruled by Mercury (which makes them good Entrepreneurs) yet due to their unpredictable minds and decisive nature, they aren't good with savings.
Career options that best suit Gemini Ascendant- Teacher, musician, writer, poet, Businessmen, professor, etc.


Gemini Ascendant people like a partner who has curious nature like them. They should know how to trigger their brain chords before their hearts. They are the ones who love their partners with broad-mindedness and good self-expression. They love to explore new things with their partners and are very loyal in relationships. As a Gemini ascendant partner, you will have to keep pace with them intellectually to keep it going. Their extrovert nature might land them to appear as casanovas but once in a relationship, they go beyond the boundaries to express their love and passion to their partners.
Ascendants that are most compatible with them are Libra and Aquarius Ascendants.
The fire ascendants- Leo, Sagittarius and Aries- are also compatible regarding marriage.


1. Try to stop falling prey to impulsive decisions, especially financial ones.

2. Even though it's tough for you to stay in one place ( esp. mentally), yet try to be more calm and patient by practising yoga and meditation.

3. Try to have a more practical approach towards money management. You may seek help from financial planners for the same. 

4. Be more cautious while paying with your words. Your witty nature might not go well with others always.

5. You should opt for saving schemes that are auto-renewal in nature so that part of your earnings automatically gets saved to that scheme. In such a way, you start saving albeit small. 

6. As these people are ruled by Mercury, Chanting 'Om gan ganpataye Namah' and worshipping Lord Ganesha in any form is very helpful, especially in decision-making.

7. One can wear a Green emerald as per their weight after consulting a learned astrologer on Wednesday to reap the maximum positivity of planet Mercury.

That's all for the post guys!

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Saturday, April 1, 2023

All About Taurus Rising Sign- Taurus Ascendant Traits and Characteristics


Hey Everyone!

Welcome back to the series of Ascendants. Today we gonna be discussing the Taurus rising and its details. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus. It is a fixed zodiac sign and one of the Earth Elemental zodiacs along with Virgo and Capricorn.


Taurus ascendant people are very beautiful with pleasing personalities. They have average height and are generally not very tall. Have robust physiques with strongly built bodies (just like their pictorial representation- the bull). As ruled by Venus, a sedentary lifestyle can lead to unwanted weight gain, especially in the lower back region. Have a square face with round bright eyes. Usually curly brownish hair with a heavy voice and clear skin tone. The limbs are short but strong and exhibit strength of broad wrists and ankles. The neck is strong with slight forward stooping shoulders. 


Taurus ascendant people are usually very calm and composed. Strong-headed and stubborn to the core. They are very sensual and have an innate love for creativity, beauty and sensualness. They are congenial and always believe in putting their best foot forward. They sometimes exhibit a very slow-paced lifestyle and appear to have laid-back attitudes but in reality, they are very practical and stable. They may appear very extroverted initially but as you get closer to them, they tend to become secretive and do not want others to intrude on their personal space at all. They usually have a very gentle, gracious and kind temperament but once they get annoyed, the inner bull wakes up and turns ferocious so better not to mess with them and their loyalty. 


Now, this is something to be cautious about when it comes to this ascendant. Their problematic regions are the throat, thyroid gland and neck lymph nodes. They generally suffer from tonsillitis. 
Another ailment to be worried about is reproductive organ-related health. Kidneys are another prone area for certain ailments. It would not be wrong to mention that this Ascendant is more prone to STDs. if not cautious about their sexual health and care.
They usually catch colds easily due to certain allergies.


Taurus rising have an intense materialistic focus. And this is something which has been instilled in them since their early days probably when they started recognizing the power and value of money. This may be due to their average financial status in their childhood days or their constant urge to acquire a strong, steady and luxurious lifestyle. They never get sufficed when it comes to their financial and materialistic holds. They usually consider money the only criterion of happiness and find utmost satisfaction in materialistic gain over any other life aspect. They are very calculative monitory and may appear as spendthrifts by others as they enjoy luxuries to the core. But actually, they are frugal and spend judiciously which is actually good quality. All in all, they are fluctuant and unpredictable in money matters despite their endless love for beauty, luxury and fancy items.
The career options that best suit them are Artists, singers, actors, models, interior designers, fashion designers, writers, nurses, healers, etc.


Taurus ascendant people are highly sensuous yet they need a lot of stimulation to trigger their soft points. They are not flexible in relationships but highly loyal. They are a tad bit possessive and hold jealousy as well. This nature usually lands them in heated arguments with their partners or even separation. They are compatible with a person with an equal or more sexual appetite as sexual compatibility surpasses emotional connection for them. But it doesn't mean they aren't emotional, yet they give more preference to beauty and face value over the former. They get attracted to intense emotional people but in reality, they invite an emotional upheaval for themselves as they are not able to handle the same in the relationship. They love freedom for themselves but little misers in rendering the same to their partners.
Virgo and Capricorn Ascendants are the ones they are highly compatible with.
They also gel well with water ascendants like Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio as well.


1. The most important tip for them is to avoid early marriage at all costs as it increases the chances for mutual discord and separation in a majority of the cases. If necessary, please get the match done by a learned astrologer

2. As excess of anything is bad, try to limit your extra-sensualness in control as it can lead to unwanted circumstances that are not in your favour.

3. Be more relaxed and open in a relationship or marriage. Respect your partner's freedom and space the same way you want to be treated by them. Limit your high expectations in the relationship or from your partner in general.

4. Do not get so engrossed in attaining financial security and material gains so much that you forget your domestic life and comforts. Try to strike a balance between the two for actual harmony in your life.

5. Start spiritual practices (not religious necessarily). This will not only give you calmness or serenity but also makes you content with whatever you already have.

6.  Regular workout (be it any form) is of utmost importance to them as ruled by planet Venus, so after middle years they tend to gain weight, especially in the lower back region which in turn put pressure on knees and feet. 

7. Diamonds and Opals are suitable gemstones for Taurus-rising people. It should be worn on Friday after consulting a learned astrologer.

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Saturday, November 19, 2022

All About Aries Rising Sign - Aries Ascendant Traits and Characteristics.

Heya Everyone!

In my last blog, I mentioned the ascendant and how it is significant in determining our essential personality traits and how we approach our surroundings. 

Today we are going to know about the first sign in the zodiacal belt i.e. Aries rising or Aries ascendant. Aries is ruled by the planet Mars and is a cardinal sign. It is one of the Fire Elemental signs along with Leo and Sagittarius. So let's discuss everything about it. Just stay glued...


Natives of Aries ascendant have very prominent and angular facial features with a strong chin, nose and mouth. Have an athletic body, lean and muscular. Average height and built with curly hair and protruding eyebrows which are generally thick and bushy. Have mighty, strong and rugged appearances generally.
Often have scars or birthmarks on their forehead region and are prone to cuts and wounds.


Highly ambitious, zealous, adventurous and a go-getter kind of native. Innate leader and wants to take the first move always. They are very straightforward and non-articulated people with a high sense of intellect and sharpness. Undiplomatic and stubborn at times. Impulsive, reckless and often have sudden outbursts of anger. Optimist and more practical than emotional. They are born fighters, and achievers and live their lives at a fast pace on their own terms.  


They generally have robust immunity but that doesn't rule out the certain ailments they need to be cautious about. 
Likely to get injured. Liable to suffer from minor injuries, accidents, surgeries, burns, high fever, colitis, pimples, boils, insomnia and paralysis.
These are general health issues seen in this ascendant. It does not necessarily mean that one will suffer from all of these. Other permutations and combinations in one's natal chart have to be seen for a conclusive prediction.


Aries ascendant people generally know their drill to make fast money and be wealthy. But their impulsiveness and reckless attitude in terms of decision-making usually land them in money-losing situations. They must also try to control their insatiable urge to spend money in extravagance as it can lead to bankruptcy sometimes as they do not think much before spending money. To cut it short, try to avoid being a spendthrift where possible. 
The career options that suit Aries Ascendant people are - Entrepreneurs, Marketing and Sales, Sports, Firefighters, Armed forces, Doctors/Surgeons, Police, etc.


Aries ascendant people are very practical and realistic in terms of relationships. Having said that, it doesn't make them less emotional, but they give practicality a bit more numbers in their general life approach and their relationships. They believe in utmost loyalty and long-lasting relations. They often get a beautiful, loyal and intelligent spouse. They tend to get attracted to people with such qualities as well and want to have a partner with the same temperament and adventurous streak. They usually like to be in authority in relationships with a slight dominance over their spouse.
Your Ideal match can be one of- Leo ascendants, Sagittarius ascendants and sometimes Air ascendants such as Gemini and Libra.


1. Keep patience and avoid excessive emotions and urge to take centre stage in terms of your relationships and attitude in general.

2. Try to take a back seat in marriage in terms of arguments and decision-making so that your partner doesn't feel pressured by your dominant streak.

3. Control your adrenaline rush sometimes as it can lead to impulsive decision-making and exhibiting adventurous character where it is not in demand.
4. Try to take financial decisions in peace and relaxed mode and don't be impulsive in terms of your expenses and investments.

5. Be extra cautious in driving as you are generally accident-prone.

6. Try to control your dominating nature and aggressive approach.

7. Red coral gemstone suits you in general but as I always insist, there should be a proper evaluation of your natal chart by a learned astrologer before wearing the same.

That’s all for today’s post guys.

Live, Love, Laugh, Rise and Shine