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Thursday, March 28, 2019

How to stop thinking "WHAT PEOPLE WOULD THINK"?

"WHAT PEOPLE WOULD THINK"? This is the most common question since aeons. For most of the people, their very existence revolves around this. Not only their actions but their entire personality too corresponds to this particular question.
It's a basic human tendency to be liked & accepted by people around us. However, this constant urge to be always in the good books of others adversely affect our choices and things we actually want to do. As a result, we tend to waste our productive time going through days thinking about what others would think of us.

We, as a human should understand that our lives are so precious to waste on this mentality. There are lot many things to achieve than to breed such thought in our minds.

Below are certain points, according to me, which will make you realize how important is to stop thinking, "what people would think". 

  • What is best for us, nobody knows better than us as right or wrong are subjective things. Our creativity and progression get hampered the moment we deviate our minds thinking about others.
  • Our life is our own responsibility. So one should sail his boat in the direction he decides for himself and not as a result of others' judgements for him.
  • People's thinking about us changes as per their conveniences, so one can't be able to suffice them on a regular basis.
  • Our desire to conform to people's expectations often leads to conflicts with our ability to lead independent and rich lives.
  • We can't make everyone happy every time and we shouldn't even try to because this attitude will only lead us to compromise with what we aspire to become or achieve.
  • The ones close to us would cherish what we do while ones jealous of us would discourage us and won't be in agreement so why to even try to please the latter.
  • Time is constantly running. Either we utilise it to work for our set goals or kill it by pondering about others. Our choice!!
  • People always 'WORSHIP THE RISING SUN'. So we should constantly work for our success rather giving a damn to what others have to say about us.
As you start working towards this thought process, you would realize how much happier you would feel.
You would consequently become better in time management as your entire time would then be focused on self-development and achievements rather about others' opinions.
Your relationships with close ones and important people of your life would too become richer and prosperous.
Your professional attitude and gains would also improve as a result of a free-thinking attribute you would now possess.

So give a damn about "what people would think" and constantly pave your own path towards success.

As it's always better to be loved by a few true people than to be liked by many fake folks.