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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

All About Scorpio Rising Sign- Scorpio Ascendant Traits and Characteristics


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Welcome back to the Ascendant series. Today we are going to learn about the Scorpio Ascendant and its details. By now you would be aware that it is a fixed sign and one of the three Water Elemental signs along with Cancer and Pisces. It is ruled by the fiery Mars.


Scorpio ascendant native has sharp facial features, a prominent jawline, and a square-shaped face. The eyes are magnetic, hypnotic, intriguing, and secretive. It often becomes intimidating to the second person but it is what Scorpion Rising is all about. Dark and bushy brows, black-brown straight to wavy hair texture with fuller-pouty lips. The personality is quite domineering and intimidating despite having stout and short skeletal sometimes. The scorpion-rising person has a serious demeanour surfacing their secretive and witty core. Females usually have curvaceous, hourglass and sensual figures with a fascinating gaze. Males have strong shoulders and arms, are athletic and generally tall. 


So the most sensual, intuitive and secretive sign among all the twelve ascendants has to be, undoubtedly, the Scorpio rising. This native is highly sensitive, intense, extremist, fierce and dynamic. Full of wit with a touch of sarcasm is what makes this rising the most intimidating one. This person can appear attractive and fascinating but also domineering and intimidating at the same time. People get intrigued by their presence but only get to know what this person wishes them to know, not even an inch more than that. They hate artificiality and superficial people as they are against any pretence. They are authentic and real but also one of the most manipulative ascendants. Highly passionate, emotional and protective with a sense of possessiveness for their loved ones which makes them highly territorial in nature. It also instils in them the feeling of jealousy in every relation they possess. 
As the name suggests, Scorpio- one wouldn't want to face their poisonous sting, so there is a word of caution for the ones around them that don't dare to foot over their tails by any sort of infidelity or cheating else one has to face the wrath of their extreme vengeance. They neither forget nor forgive till the revenge is satiated. They are by default rebellious and revengeful in their nature. 
These natives have a strong sense of convincing power. They easily trap others in their conversations and make the latter believe what they choose to show. They follow the All or None approach in their lives and have a sharp taste for fashion and aesthetics.


Even though this ascendant is among the strongest ascendants, health can be a bit of a concern for the same. The main areas that are prone to ailments are the digestive and reproductive organs. May suffer from constipation. The pelvis and intestines are relatively more susceptible to specific diseases. 
May suffer from STDs if there is an uncontrolled and careless approach towards sexual activities. So one should be cautious about the same. 


Scorpio ascendants are very good at managing finances. They know how to chase and grab monetary opportunities. They are incredibly passionate yet practical in their approach towards wealth management. These people gather huge wealth and a lot of fame along with it (if a righteous path is followed).  They usually prefer to invest in long-term plans. They are lucky in terms of both liquid and fixed assets as well. They love investing in properties and lands and get successful also, considering the positions of Mars, Saturn and Jupiter in the natal chart. They are conservative in approach when it comes to spending money. It is not being miser but rather practical and judicious. They don't like taking unnecessary risks in terms of monetary issues. 
Careers best suit them: Psychologists, CID, Private detectives, Engineers, Marketing, Surgeons, Nurses, Medical officers, Social workers, Researchers, Forensic department, Pathologist, etc.


As mentioned before, scorpion ascendant guys are intense, passionate, determined, sensuous and secretive innately. This personality is reflected in their relationships as well. Extremely loyal but if there are any kind of inflictions or bad combinations in the natal chart, it can make them the high order philanderer. They are very generous and giving in relationships but due to their uncontrollable jealousy, dominance and possessiveness, can make the second person in relation feel a little suffocated sometimes. They take a long time to open up but once they do, it's a life-long committed relationship. They get deeply involved with their partners but once they catch any sort of infidelity, the other person is sure to face the wrath and dire consequences. Scorpion ascendant person would never forget and forgive the same and would make you suffer life hell. So beware!
They take immense pleasure in their partners who have the same passion, intensity, sexuality and determination. Together they enjoy a long-lasting comfortable and stable marriage. They are the best partners to have in bed. 
Now one thing which is very commonly seen with these people is that everything in their life is like a battlefield. And everyone out there is either an ally or an enemy. So there is a constant sense of war they face with themselves. And they need to win each war. So in this process, they get a bit harsh on themselves only and this situation creates a little tension in the marriage or any long relationship. So even if the relationship is highly compatible, some sort of tense environment prevails which is transient.
A scorpion ascendant native would always stand through thick and thin of their partner. 
They are compatible with Cancer and Pisces rising signs. Also with Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn Ascendants.


1. The first and foremost tip for people with Scorpio as their ascendant is to control their uncontrolled jealousy and possessiveness. They usually consider it as a sign of their true love but in reality, it may turn out to be a termite in their relationships.

2. The Scorpio ascendant natives have a tendency to gravitate towards the darker side of any situation. Consequently, they land into despondency and grief over not-so-critical conditions. They need to change their perception which often inclines towards negativity and try to be a little optimistic.

3. Even though they are very passionate and loyal lovers who believe in a forever kind of love. But, their uncontrolled sexual urges may land them on the path of infidelity and betrayal. Also, this is one of the most prone ascendants that is prone to STDs and other reproductive diseases. So be cautious in relation to the same. 

4. They need constant healing even though they are in a cheerful mood and in high spirits. As I mentioned above, for them, their life is an open battlefield and they consider every task as a war they need to win over. So it is very important for them to listen to music and meditate to calm themselves in routine practice in order to get rid of any pessimism or anxiety.

5. Sometimes gathering wealth becomes so important for them that they usually take non-righteous ways to accumulate it. I would like to put this point very clearly that apart from very few combinations in the natal chart, in a majority of the cases, it will land them in highly troublesome situations which would be very difficult to fight and win. So try to amass wealth in the right way possible.

6. Reciting Hanuman Chalisa every day would be highly beneficial for these natives irrespective of their natal chart. This is a potent remedy.

7. These natives can wear Red Coral of 5.25 Ratti or as per their body weight embedded in gold, on the ring finger of their active hand, on the Tuesday of the waxing moon phase. Before that, it is highly recommended to consult a learned astrologer so that the entire natal chart can be analyzed. Recommendations on the general blogging site without analysing the individual chart are beyond the domain of the platform.

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