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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Significance of CONFRONTATIONS

There are many times in our life when we have so many things to say, to share, to let another person know about it and so on. But we choose to stay numb about it and wouldn't confront it out of fear of hurting the latter, being misunderstood by others or perhaps losing ones we care about in worst scenario. Whatever might be the reason but it is a bitter truth of our lives that we do fear to some extent in making CONFRONTATIONS.  

As we prefer in being quiet about things and don't confront, the outcome is a state of mind where we feel irritated, frustrated, guilty, emotionally fragile and tonnes of emotions get stripped apart in our minds pertaining to the false assumptions in regard to another person's reaction to our confrontation.

You not only fear in verbally communicating what is going inside you but also bar yourself in confronting what you actually feel about the situation or the person for that matter. Usually, get anxious or nervous and stressed out whenever you have to confide or confront anything. You don't want people to think ill of you or hurt anyone. You choose not to confront so that you shouldn't be labelled as someone who is too pushy. By this way, you kind of continue being submissive, introvert and one who conceals his feelings from others.

Often times it also happens that person whom you want to confront things to might be waiting for you to make the first move so then he gets that ground to start with his side of confrontations for which perhaps he was hesitant too. In such a case, it becomes a complicated relationship where there are layers of accumulated emotions striving to vent out but no release whatsoever.


  • It generally happens when a person had a past experience where he might have tried confronting and the outcome would have been unpleasant or disagreeable. Things would have blown out of proportion or might turn out to be a mud-slinging.

  • It is also not so uncommon where the person had encountered situations in his life or childhood environment when somebody else's confrontations made things worse and turned out to a conflict amongst family members. So this person now chooses to be rather quiet about things in order to be in his illusory peace.

  • It is generally borne out of lower self-esteem and poor self-confidence which inculcates the fear of being alone or abandoned by others on making confrontations. Such a person never wants any sort of disagreement or disappointment from others.

  • This person is altogether unaware of the importance of confrontations which generally give rise to healthy discussions. He feels that confronting things to others would only fetch him with arguments, clashes and fights.

  • You don't care about yourself and keep others over what you feel and desire. This attitude is either a result of selflessness (which is too rare nowadays) or you are amongst the lot of people-pleasers.


  • When you choose not to confront, you are just harming yourself as you are suppressing what you naturally feel and eventually become a person who carries an abundance of confusions, chaos, commotions and resentments.

  • Suppressing your natural self over a period of time would ultimately manifest as other worst faces of aggression, irritability, anxiety, frustrations, poorer self-confidence, marred self-esteem and in worst cases depression.

  • Your self-doubts increase and you become all the more sluggish to confront things which consequently hamper your personality and self-growth.

  • You might choose not to confront in order to not make others upset but in reality, such a person is unattractive and considered weak by others as latter find him subservient.


  • As I always say and practice is the Self-Love. Take care of yourself by venting out things that bother you and confront those who are concerned with it. Be upfront, confident and extrovert. Feel good about you and the way you are. Confront fearlessly.

  • Explicit confrontations not only de-pressurises you but also helps in knowing the true self of the person involved as one with pure intent, the maturity of mind and having a true bond with you would always understand and support you. You don't have to be articulated to do confrontations. You just have to be assertive and don't sound rude or harsh.

  • Be courageous in taking a stand for yourself as a person who has the gumption to sift just from unjust is always respected by others no matter whether others show it or not.

  • Even though it might sometimes appear arrogance and "I don't care" attitude to others but a person who strongly puts forth his point is always considered attractive and bold.

  • It does create good vibes and healthy energy by being free of assumptions, grudges, resentments and suffocation by means of healthy confrontations. It is thus one of the basic foundations of the strong relationship of any kind.

  • It not only builds a happy and healthy relationship but also helps in becoming an improved version of oneself.

  • Whatever would be the reaction of the other person to your confrontation, trust me, you would feel so alluring and elevated at the end of the day as you have confronted something which at the beginning seemed difficult and daunting task to execute.

Remember, confrontations hold a very strong significance in your lives for any sort of relationship and it does have a much positive impact as well. It leads to a breakthrough in any true and pure bond. It not only transforms the relationship by making it all the more stronger and better but also you as a person. It makes you feel contended and succeeded as you did it by confronting how and what you have felt for the things or for the person in general. You eventually feel strong and happy.

So guys just don't wait for situations or people around you to be the way you wanted them to be for making healthy confrontations. Just go ahead and do it for nothing but your peace of mind.