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Saturday, April 1, 2023

All About Taurus Rising Sign- Taurus Ascendant Traits and Characteristics


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Welcome back to the series of Ascendants. Today we gonna be discussing the Taurus rising and its details. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus. It is a fixed zodiac sign and one of the Earth Elemental zodiacs along with Virgo and Capricorn.


Taurus ascendant people are very beautiful with pleasing personalities. They have average height and are generally not very tall. Have robust physiques with strongly built bodies (just like their pictorial representation- the bull). As ruled by Venus, a sedentary lifestyle can lead to unwanted weight gain, especially in the lower back region. Have a square face with round bright eyes. Usually curly brownish hair with a heavy voice and clear skin tone. The limbs are short but strong and exhibit strength of broad wrists and ankles. The neck is strong with slight forward stooping shoulders. 


Taurus ascendant people are usually very calm and composed. Strong-headed and stubborn to the core. They are very sensual and have an innate love for creativity, beauty and sensualness. They are congenial and always believe in putting their best foot forward. They sometimes exhibit a very slow-paced lifestyle and appear to have laid-back attitudes but in reality, they are very practical and stable. They may appear very extroverted initially but as you get closer to them, they tend to become secretive and do not want others to intrude on their personal space at all. They usually have a very gentle, gracious and kind temperament but once they get annoyed, the inner bull wakes up and turns ferocious so better not to mess with them and their loyalty. 


Now, this is something to be cautious about when it comes to this ascendant. Their problematic regions are the throat, thyroid gland and neck lymph nodes. They generally suffer from tonsillitis. 
Another ailment to be worried about is reproductive organ-related health. Kidneys are another prone area for certain ailments. It would not be wrong to mention that this Ascendant is more prone to STDs. if not cautious about their sexual health and care.
They usually catch colds easily due to certain allergies.


Taurus rising have an intense materialistic focus. And this is something which has been instilled in them since their early days probably when they started recognizing the power and value of money. This may be due to their average financial status in their childhood days or their constant urge to acquire a strong, steady and luxurious lifestyle. They never get sufficed when it comes to their financial and materialistic holds. They usually consider money the only criterion of happiness and find utmost satisfaction in materialistic gain over any other life aspect. They are very calculative monitory and may appear as spendthrifts by others as they enjoy luxuries to the core. But actually, they are frugal and spend judiciously which is actually good quality. All in all, they are fluctuant and unpredictable in money matters despite their endless love for beauty, luxury and fancy items.
The career options that best suit them are Artists, singers, actors, models, interior designers, fashion designers, writers, nurses, healers, etc.


Taurus ascendant people are highly sensuous yet they need a lot of stimulation to trigger their soft points. They are not flexible in relationships but highly loyal. They are a tad bit possessive and hold jealousy as well. This nature usually lands them in heated arguments with their partners or even separation. They are compatible with a person with an equal or more sexual appetite as sexual compatibility surpasses emotional connection for them. But it doesn't mean they aren't emotional, yet they give more preference to beauty and face value over the former. They get attracted to intense emotional people but in reality, they invite an emotional upheaval for themselves as they are not able to handle the same in the relationship. They love freedom for themselves but little misers in rendering the same to their partners.
Virgo and Capricorn Ascendants are the ones they are highly compatible with.
They also gel well with water ascendants like Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio as well.


1. The most important tip for them is to avoid early marriage at all costs as it increases the chances for mutual discord and separation in a majority of the cases. If necessary, please get the match done by a learned astrologer

2. As excess of anything is bad, try to limit your extra-sensualness in control as it can lead to unwanted circumstances that are not in your favour.

3. Be more relaxed and open in a relationship or marriage. Respect your partner's freedom and space the same way you want to be treated by them. Limit your high expectations in the relationship or from your partner in general.

4. Do not get so engrossed in attaining financial security and material gains so much that you forget your domestic life and comforts. Try to strike a balance between the two for actual harmony in your life.

5. Start spiritual practices (not religious necessarily). This will not only give you calmness or serenity but also makes you content with whatever you already have.

6.  Regular workout (be it any form) is of utmost importance to them as ruled by planet Venus, so after middle years they tend to gain weight, especially in the lower back region which in turn put pressure on knees and feet. 

7. Diamonds and Opals are suitable gemstones for Taurus-rising people. It should be worn on Friday after consulting a learned astrologer.

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