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Monday, August 26, 2019

The Mercury in Astrology

The planet Mercury is the most versatile planet when it comes to astrology. It is A Master of Movements- A Wanderer in true sense. It not only represents the way we think but also the quality and speed of our thought process. It is the key factor in communication and reasoning departments of our lives. It represents our Intellect, rationality, logical analysis, humour, wit, etc. It is how we choose words to articulate and use these for the mode of our self-expression and understanding of things; to convince, influence or impact others or circumstances in general. It is how well our mind can negotiate with day to day situations and how rationally and logically analyse these to fetch solutions out of the same. 

Scientific/Astronomical significance of the Mercury.

The Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun. Also known as 'MESSENGER OF GOD' by Roman Deity Mercury. It is also the smallest and the innermost planet amongst the main planets in our Solar System. Its orbital period around the sun of approximately 88 days is the shortest of all the planets. Has severe temperature differences from extreme hot to extreme cold despite having the closest orbit to the Sun. It has 4,879 kilometres of a diameter which is 38% diameter of the Earth with a mass of 5.5% of Earth's mass.
It has metallic and silicates materials on its surface. It is approximately 75-77 million kilometres from the Earth.

Astrological significance of the Mercury.

As I mentioned in my older post- about how the Moon denotes our mind and emotional thoughts at a subconscious level, the Mercury is what articulates these thoughts on reasoning and analytical grounds and give it a concrete shape and structure which eventually ripens to form our thought process and mental make-up. It represents our perspective and opinions of things and life in general. It is the way we choose to adapt to different life situations and deal with it using the rationality of thoughts. It is called 'BUDH' which signifies intelligence. It is a dual-natured sign ruling Gemini and Virgo in the birth chart.

So let us learn a few interesting facts about this planet:

Planetary Cabinet: Prince

Planetary Nature: Neutral (benefic when has benefic associations and malefic when it is associated with malefic planets).

Planetary Complexion: Akin to that of Grass and grey

Planetary Deity: Lord Vishnu

Relationship Governed: Siblings, sisters, daughters, friends, relatives, etc.

Sex/Gender: Neuter

Element: Mercury

Planetary Caste: Commercial Community (Vaishya)

Planetary Abode: Sport Ground

Planetary Taste: Mixed

Planetary Period: Season (Ritu)

Planetary Directional Strength: East

Guna: Rajsikas

Physical Appearance: Mercury possesses an attractive physique and ability to make a pun or to speak words having a double meaning, sense of humour. He has a blend of all three touches of humour of Bile, Phlegm and Wind.

Transit: 25 Days

Direction: North

Day: Wednesday

Metal: Lead

Gemstone: Emerald (Green)

Body Parts Ruled: Nervous system, skin, the Gray matter of the Brain, Arms, Ears, Lungs, Speech, Medulla Oblongata, memory, etc.

Friendly Planets: Sun, Venus

Inimical Planets: Moon

Neutral Planets: Mars, Jupiter, Saturn

Own Sign: Gemini sign and Last 10 degrees in Virgo sign.

Mooltrikone Sign: 16-20 degrees in Virgo sign

Exalted Sign: First 15 degrees of Virgo sign

Debilitated Sign: 15 degrees of Pisces sign

Mahadasha Period: 17 Years

Ruling Number: 5 (five)

Natural Significator: 3rd and 10th Houses

Profession/Career Associated: Communication field, Trade and Commerce, Banking, Chartered Accountants, Scientists, Research and Analysis, Networking, Business, Astrologers, Mathematicians, Lawyers, Writers and Authors, Publishing field, Media, Artists, Railways, Airway Industry, etc.


Benefic Mercury gives the native a very youthful appearance and charming personality. Such a native looks younger than his/her age. Intelligent, joyful, wise, logical, analytical and rational in approach. Always willing to learn new things specially related to communication, media, travels and networking. Has larger social groups and love to be socially active and on the go. Strong memory and good command over languages and is a magnificent speaker. Ability to influence people by their humour, wit and good oratory skills. Loves to travel with a motive of learning new cultures, languages, traditions, living styles, etc. Very adaptive to different situations. Strong business sense and often reside on higher posts as well. Independent and free thinker, etc.

#NOTE: Too strong Mercury can make native over practical and too rational where his emotional side kind of take a back seat and he takes every action in his life keeping emotions far away from the picture. If such Mercury is afflicted by any magnificence then the native may shrewdly use their intelligence to make things go their way.


Malefic Mercury gives certain speech disorders such as stammering, etc. Also, there is a problem or sort of hesitation in expressing oneself. Such a native is a slow learner and often takes time to grasp things which are easy to comprehend for others of his age. Weak memory and issues related to the nervous system. Unstable mind and impractical approach to life. It can also lead to skin problems. Person shies away to open up in any social setting and chooses to be introvert than to express in public. Unable to give words to his thoughts and thus remain unarticulated when it comes to strongly put forward his views. Often seek validations from others for self-approval of things and has shaky confidence. Relationship with siblings and daughter is compromised, etc.

This was my take on the planet Mercury in a very general form without taking into consideration the other aspects of astrology such as placements, aspects, conjunctions, etc. Proper analysis of the entire birth chart is of utmost importance in the process of final prediction for the person concerned.

So don't get too excited or disheartened by the general outlook or effects of the planets. Astrology is much deeper than it appears. So enjoy the ride!!

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