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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Dependency versus Responsibility

So how many out of you have gone to astrologers for seeking any sort of help or for any predictions regarding your future and all?
Many of us at some point in our lives, whether due to personal reason, professional issues, due to curiosity or under peer pressure, tend to seek good astrologers.
Now my next question is how many of you believe in it? Well, the answer is a bit tricky!!
Because astrology is such a matter to which people have numerous perspectives. There are people who don't believe in it and outright deny its implications and effects while there are ones who are ardent believers of it. Yet there are also a group of people who proclaim themselves to be strict opposers of it but deep inside they are tempted to believe it especially during times when certain predictions turn out to be true for them.

The whole idea behind it is the fact that astrology is nothing but a pure form of science and anything which doesn't suffice scientific logic behind any astrological prediction is a hoax according to me.
Its study is no myth but a profound reality based strictly on the planetary placements in the birth chart at the time a person takes birth. It is a scientific belief that everything that happens in space/universe has an effect or direct correlation to human events and who we are.
Hence, the birth chart not only reflects one's present or future but also gives insight about the past as well.

So whenever you ask any question to an astrologer,  you allow him to delve into your personality and the inner self through your birth chart.
As he predicts ( whether good or bad ), you are ultimately left with two options:

         1.  You believe what he predicts.
         2. You don't believe in it.

So let us take the former option what if you believe in whatever he has predicted for you. In this case, too, it has two outcomes:

        1. You get dependent on it and lead your lives the similar way you have been till now and accept the predictions, wait for it to happen and leave everything on the destiny.

        2. You take responsibility for the actions you have been doing and you will do in the future as well so as to alter the predictions which at this point of time are alarming or causing any sort of negativities into your life.

I have seen people changing their predictions by changing the way of leading their lives. By altering one's deeds or karmas, one can definitely alter the ill effects of what has been predicted or destined for you.
It is because of the simple fact that your birth chat is nothing but the reflection of the traits and nature you are born with. It is the amalgamated result of the karmas you have performed in your previous birth and the ones you perform in the present one.

And since the majority of people choose to stay same by possessing constant personalities throughout their lives and are strictly unwilling to change their nature and traits they were actually born with, the predictions any learned astrologer makes for you conclude your life and turn out to be true to much extent.

You definitely can't change the past deeds (can be seen in your birth chart by the astrologer), so one has to face the outcomes of it in this birth. But what about the present deeds? These are surely in your hands. You can't say everything is destined and wriggle out of what you meant to do in the hour of need.

If you firmly decide to change your approach and traits which are potentially harming to yourself, you can definitely change the unwanting predictions too.
The only way we can achieve this is by realising the difference between dependency and responsibility.

Even if the well-learned astrologer has made predictions, you still able to alter it if you accept it and start altering the way of your life. Stop being dependent on it and take responsibilities of the deeds performed by you. Enhance your inner self and you will realize how powerful you are to change your destinies.

And since in your lifetime, some characteristics or traits or part of your basic nature gets changed intentionally or unintentionally, hence, it is the main reason that there is never 100% accuracy in the predictions made for you. 
Because the change in one' deeds changes the effect of predictions which ultimately changes the destiny. Even if you would not be able to nullify its impact or effects completely, you would still be able to diminish or reduce it to some extent.

Henceforth, a person with dependency would always rely on destiny and holds a belief that everything is predestined and nothing can be changed. Accept his misfortune and wait for it to come and engulf him in its deluge. Such a person gets easily entrapped in fake astrologers' snare and tends to adopt irrational methods in order to combat the ill-effects of his planetary placements.

While a person with responsibility would be the one who believes in karma and he knows that if anything could counteract the mal-effects of unsuitable planetary placements or misfortune is nothing but his own deeds and an altered improved approach towards life.

So be responsible for your deeds and to yourself and eradicate the notions of dependency in your lives.
This is the only way in which you can hold power to change your astrological predictions and thus your destiny as well.