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Wednesday, September 13, 2023

All About Libra Rising Sign- Libra Ascendant Traits and Characteristics


Hey Everyone!

Today we will discuss the seventh sign in the zodiacal series i.e. Libra Ascendant. This ascendant is ruled by Venus. Libra is a cardinal sign and is one of the Air Elemental signs along with Gemini and Aquarius.


Libra ascendant person has a radiant face with a pleasant smile. Has a beautiful physique and slender appearance. The nose is pointed and sleek generally. Have an accurate sense of congeniality with a friendly approach. Typically, they have an oval face with a bright complexion. While men have athletic bodies, women tend to have beautiful curvaceous bodies with bright-large round eyes. Well-groomed and neat. Very attractive and social in general. 


Libra ascendant people are very peaceful and balanced in approach. They stay away from unnecessary drama. They are very artistic and creative people. They love everything that has beauty, luxury and sensuous touch to them. They are highly cautious about the way they talk and put forward their opinions so that the second person doesn't feel offended about anything. They are well-articulated, highly knowledgeable and intelligent in their field of concern. Very gentle and sweet-spoken. They don't like to beat around the bush and believe in straightforwardness. Very fond of music, culture and arts. As per the sign they rule, they are very good at resolving conflicts and are natural peace-makers. They give solicited and unbiased advice to people and never choose sides based on partiality.


The main areas of concern for libra rising are kidneys and reproductive organs in general. Highly advised to have an adequate amount of water intake in their routine lives. Restrain yourself with a high-sodium diet and consume fresh and fibrous foods. They can be prone to anxiety and restlessness which can lead to indecisiveness. Take care of weight gain especially lower back region with progressing age.


Libra ascendant people have a smooth approach towards money. They are spendthrift and do whatever it takes to satisfy their urge for luxury, comforts and pleasures. They need to be equipped to handle the savings and investment part of their finances. A lot of information about their finances can be seen by analysing the position of Venus and Mars in their natal chart. They are usually good and balanced in managing money. They are seldom short of money and comfort in their lives. 
Careers that best suit them: Artists, Singers, peacemakers, Mediators, Architects, Lawyers, Jewellers, Travel agents, Beauticians, Guidance counsellors, etc.


Libra ascendant people are usually straightforward in relationships and communicate directly whatever they seek in a particular relationship. Libra-rising males often appear restless and impatience in relations which might land them in some arguments and trouble. They look for fun, humour and adventure along with loyalty in the relationship. They are always emotionally present for their partner. Whereas Libra-rising females are polite and are much more balanced in relations as compared to their counterparts. They are sometimes critical of their partners as they seek perfection in them but that's sheer out of their want of extracting the best out of the latter. Very loyal in their relationships and marriage (albeit a little flirtatious) and careful with their usage of words. Libra-rising people have sharp eyes for looks and it really matters to them in their relationship. So one should be well-groomed and articulate with a good sense of congeniality to be in the eye of the Libra ascendant.
They are compatible with Aquarius and Gemini Ascendant people. Also, they gel well with Leo and Sagittarius ascendants lads as well. 


1. Stop being over-critical of others so that the relationship blossoms beautifully without any hesitations and judgements. 

2. Sometimes you have to rise above just looks and embrace the inner beauty of people you meet in order to know about the true nature and depth of any relationship. 

3. Reduce sodium intake in your diet and add fibrous components to your food. Drink plenty of fluids.

4. Even though these people are balanced, there is a need to have control over their expenditures which sometimes exceed their income.

5. Donate white-coloured items to needy people. It is better to do it on Fridays. 

6. Avoid red colour in general especially if it doesn't suit you. You can observe it on your own whether red suits you or not.

7. You can wear a Diamond ( 50 cents ) on Friday morning in the waxing moon period (Shukla paksha). Do consult a learned astrologer before wearing it as there are some permutations and combinations ( out of the scope of this post ) in which case it won't be of much use. So before investing in a good diamond be sure of it.