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Monday, September 30, 2019

The Jupiter in Astrology

When it comes to considering planets in astrology, Jupiter is regarded as the Greatest Benefic Planet. It is the planet responsible for one's knowledge, wisdom, wealth, optimism, spirituality, philosophical inclination, happiness and prosperity. It is also one of the main planets associated with long-distance travels. It is the Learner's Planet which also deals with one's higher education. It is considered as one's protector that renders native with good luck and fortune.

Scientific/Astronomical significance of Jupiter.

Jupiter is the fifth and the largest planet in the Solar System. It has an average diameter of 143,000 kilometres which is 11 times that of the Earth with 1300 times the volume as of the Earth. It's environmental composition mainly comprises of hydrogen and little helium. It is 483 miles (average) away from the Earth and takes 11.86 Earth years to make one revolution around the Sun.   

Astrological significance of Jupiter.

Also known as Brihaspati (Dev-guru/Teacher of Gods). It is the planet responsible for one's Expansion. It deals with our moral and ethical values and hence also represents our Belief System. It is the most benevolent planet that leads us to the path of growth, expansion and prosperity. It is a natural significator of progeny and husband in a female chart as well. It is also very important in forming various important yogas in astrology such as Gaj-Kesari raj yoga with Moon, Guru-Mangal yoga with Mars, Hamsa yoga when it is in his own sign or exaltations sign, etc.

Let us further learn about interesting facts associated with the planet:

Planetary Cabinet: Ministerial Planet

Planetary Nature: Benefic

Planetary Complexion: Tawny

Planetary Deity: Indra

Relationship Governed: Teachers, Gurus, Husband in a female chart, etc.

Sex/Gender: Male

Elements: Sky (Ether)

Planetary Caste: Brahmin

Planetary Abode: A Treasure House

Planetary Taste: Sweet

Planetary Period: A Month

Planetary Directional Strength: East

Guna: Sattwika

Physical Appearance: Large-bodied, honey-coloured eyes and hair, phlegmatic, intelligent and learned in all Shastra (classics). 

Transit: 1 year and 1 month

Direction: North-East

Day: Thursday

Metal: Gold

Gemstone: Yellow Sapphire (Yellow Topaz- a substitute)

Body Parts Ruled: Thighs, phlegm, tongue, lungs, ears, knees, kidneys, liver, fat, brain, spleen, etc.

Friendly Planets: Sun, Mars, Moon

Inimical Planets: Venus, Mercury

Neutral Planets: Saturn

Own Sign: Sagittarius, Pisces

Mooltrikone Sign: Sagittarius 0-10 degrees

Exalted Sign: Cancer 5 degrees

Debilitated Sign: Capricorn 5 degrees

Mahadasha: 16 Years

Ruling Number: 3(Three)

Natural Significator: 2nd, 5th, 9th, 10th and 11th houses

Profession/Career Associated: Professors, judge, lawyers, Teachers, Spiritual gurus, Occult, Scholars, a higher position in hierarchical jobs, banks, treasuries, financiers, counsellors, editors, income tax, charitable institutions, auditors, saints, sages and priests, share market, ministers, etc.


Well placed Jupiter gives knowledge, wisdom, spiritual growth to native. Optimism, fame, prosperity and expansion in the area concerned. Higher education, foreign travels and accumulated or inherited wealth. Good relations with teachers and access to righteous path guided by gurus. The philosophical bent of mind and a higher sense of justice and an equality-lover. Philanthropic and a giver in nature. Strong sense of individual religious Classics and believer of God or higher power in general. A benefic Jupiter can reduce the mal effects of other planets in the chart to some extent.

# Too strong Jupiter can impart ego as well as over-optimism to the native which can lead to missed opportunities as well as careless attitude towards putting efforts for achieving desired goals.


Weak Jupiter in the birth chart can make native lose his sense of justice. Recurrent struggles in day to day life. Difficulty in access to gurus or building good relations with them. Sense of righteousness diminishes and native is more prone to get indulged in a bad company easily. Purpose of life becomes shaky and native is not able to get support or blessings of his teachers or spiritual gurus. Pessimistic and low on self-confidence. He is an Atheist and faith in religion is also less. 
Other effects include difficulty in having progeny, loss in accumulated wealth and struggle in financial issues. Since Jupiter is Expansion, such a native is more prone to obesity (esp. thighs and hips), diabetes, fatty liver and jaundice.

# Jupiter is not so malefic and it requires a really bad placement and afflictions to give such malefic results as it is the most benevolent planet of all. It can also lead to indulgence and lethargy- a sign of weak Jupiter.

This was my take on the planet Jupiter in a very general form without taking into consideration the other aspects of astrology such as placements, aspects, conjunctions, etc. Proper analysis of the entire birth chart is of utmost importance in the process of final prediction for the person concerned.

So don't get too excited or disheartened by the general outlook or effects of the planets. Astrology is much deeper than it appears. So enjoy the ride!!

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