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Saturday, April 4, 2020

The Secret Truth behind PM Modi's " 9 minutes at 9 pm on Sunday, 5th April 2020."

As we all know due to this deadly pandemic COVID-19, there has been many deaths and sufferings across the globe. About 206 countries and territories have been seriously affected. Out of these the major ones include countries of USA, Europe and Asia. Novel Coronavirus is also very dangerous as it has unprecedented spread and rapid transmission. 

So far India has been able to move towards flattening the curve of COVID-19 outbreak. Yet it is very risk-oriented as we have a very dense population as compared to other countries. Despite being very populous the population per square kilometres of the area is lesser in these countries as compared to India. So it is a great threat and challenge as well to combat this disaster.

Our PM Mr Narendra Modi along with his team of dedicated and determined members efficaciously putting their efforts to fight this pandemic. The Lockdown of the entire nation has proved much effective in this regard. The WHO has also praised PM Modi's initiatives to combat COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, welcomed PM Modi's '$24 billion Package' that includes free food rations for 800 million needy people for the next 3 months.

The 22nd March 2020, on Janta Curfew, our PM had asked us to show gratitude and support to people who were constantly working to keep the country safe and healthy at 5 pm by either clapping our hands or ringing bells.

Once again our PM has requested every citizen of India to switch off all the lights in their homes and light Candles, Diyas, Torchlight, etc on 5th April 2020, Sunday at 9 pm for 9 minutes i.e. till 9:09 pm. This is to mark our fight against COVID-19 pandemic.
Soon as this news broke, social media got flooded with hilarious memes and piece of laughter on the PM's tweet. While some were amused, others considered it as a social strengthening act. 

So what is the secret truth behind this " 9 minutes at 9 pm till 9:09 pm "?

According to me, there are three School of Thoughts:

1. Principle of Collective Consciousness: According to Physics Quantum Theory, whatever 5% of the population will act, the rest 95% will act the same way. And whatever 1% of the population will think, the rest 99% of the population will think the exact way. 
So if every Indian citizen collectively prays and wish with the same intensity towards fighting this pandemic, all the prayers will unite and work collectively to its culmination. 

2. Astrological Concept: As many of you might be knowing that astrology works on predictive, guiding and remedial principles. On 5th April 2020, the Moon is in Leo sign. Leo comes under the rulership of the Sun. Sun is the symbol of brightness and light. So lighting candles and Diyas would activate, energise and strengthen the Moon residing in Leo sign, hence an individual and the country as a whole would find peace and strength. Would alleviate panic, fear, anxiety and depression in the minds of the people and render hopefulness. On this day at 9 pm, as per transits, Rahu would be in 9th house in Libra ascendant. Which is why lighting candles and Diyas would defy the darkness of Rahu and the entire universe and fortune would come in support for the collective prayers by us. 

3. Numerological Aspect: Have you noticed why there are so many 9s in this act? At 9 pm for 9 minutes i.e. till 9:09 pm.
This is because number 9 denotes the planet Mars. And as I have mentioned in my previous blogs Mars symbolizes courage, willpower, fighting spirit, the overall strength and strong immunity to fight the odds. So more 9s means more the effect of the planet Mars. It would not only help the people already in trouble to fight back the disease but also others to prevent it further. 


  • We must perform this collectively irrespective of whatever religion we follow as this is for our nation altogether.
  • If possible light only candles and Diyas and not more of electronic items such as torch or Mobile's flash as electronics activate Rahu.
  • Light Diyas with mustard oil preferably. 
  • Have faith in whatever you do. Don't do it for namesake or only for the purpose of posting it further on your social media handles.
  • Have optimism and hope for the better tomorrow.
  • It is not a compulsion for any. If you find it an amusement or have any sort of pessimism, avoid it then.

We need to fight this pandemic together and together we will......