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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Gemology and Gemstones - its Significance in Astrology (Part - 1)

Hola guys! This post marks the beginning of my next brand new series of gemstones and its significance in astrology.
Gemology is the science of using gems and stones for the astrological as well as medical purpose. The gem is embedded in a ring, pendant or bracelet such that the bottom is open allowing it to touch the body surface.

Whether one believes in astrology or not, yet many are seen wearing gemstones or precious stones. When asked about the reason behind it, usually an answer comes to like- "I don't know, Mum asked me to wear it" or "I love the colour of the stone so I wore it" so and so forth.

Many of you ignore and skip this kind of questions. This is because such people don't want to be judged for the fact that they believe in astrological gemstones and its effects. 

Nevertheless, the use of gemstones is not restricted to any caste, sex, religion, etc. Gemstones are being used since ages and have a special significance in the Vedic astrology. You might have noticed a majority of the actors, actresses, businessmen, etc. wearing one or the other gemstones. Some of whom have also escalated their body of work with the passage of time. 

Gems have intrigued mankind since time immemorial. In ancient times, the kings and the people of higher authority had access to these gemstones. But today, the prevalence of wearing the gemstones amongst the people of every stratum has grown rapidly. It is not only kept as the rich possession but is also used to enhance the quality of life.


There are many reasons one opt for gemstones, the common ones have always been for the purpose of good health, education, business, profession and wealth, etc. No single gemstone can provide aid to many aspects of life. And which stone is apt for which purpose, can only be accurately suggested by looking into your natal/birth chart.

There are so many misconceptions in relation to gemstones and many arguments when it comes to choosing one. But what really holds the upper hand is your faith and purity of the gemstone. According to me, Only natural precious stones provide the effects you expect out of it. While people who go for substitutes (Up-ratan), don't get the desired results in the required period of time.

There are mainly two theories behind the working of gemstones for the astrological purpose:

  • The First Theory is based on the principle of enhancing a particular ray or colour effect in which the gemstone acts like an Amplifier. [This has the sanction of Rig-Veda where we are advised to use the seven gems to catch the (visible spectrum-VIBGYOR) rays of the sun. This is the foundation of Colour Therapy]. 
  • The Second Theory (a popular one) is that the gemstone acts like a cosmic filter preventing the ray or particular vibration from affecting the user. Diseases are caused in the body due to deficiencies and the use of certain gemstones "enhance" or "supplement" the deficiency that results in the improvement of health, mood and hence the life-force.
There are many gemstones out there but not every gem is the astrological gemstone. It is referred to as Astrological or Jyotish Gemstone only when it a natural, untreated, unheated gemstone and excels on all 4C's i.e. Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat.

We will deal with Five Basic Characteristics of an Astrological Gemstone in the next post i.e. Part 2 of this post.

Till then Take Care!!


Disclaimer: Gemstone enhances your own creativity, capabilities and talents. It helps in clearing your vision to see the opportunities that come your way. Boosts your confidence and courage to trust your guts and start working on your set goals. It doesn't work like a genie in a bottle so much so that it alters your life upside down. It is wise to take the help of gemstones in order to synergise your efforts with its positive effects to get the desired results. But it is equally foolish on your part to stop putting efforts and rely totally on its usage. Nothing in life comes without your own hard work so believe in yourself first and then keep your faith in the use of gemstone. And remember only wearing of gemstones doesn't work like magic. It is mainly your efforts which are going to fetch you the fruits of success and good health. So never get totally dependant on gemstones or any such astrological aid solely. Keep working towards your goals and have faith in the almighty !!