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Tuesday, February 26, 2019


FEMINISM, as well as FEMINIST terms, entered the literature in the 1890s in the time of Women's Emancipation Movements. And since then it has become a topic of a lot of internal intense debates. It marked the ideology or theoretical commitment to the liberation movements, recognizing that women are placed in an inferior position in society and this hierarchy is based on gender. Also, this biased perception has a strong base of social, cultural and economic powers than a mere biological difference between the two sexes. Thus, Feminism refers to political, social, cultural and economic movements aimed at establishing greater rights and legal protection for women in every stratum of society with the strong belief in the importance of gender equality and also against the dominant ideology of patriarchy.

But in today's world, Feminism has taken varied dimensions altogether. People have their own versions of feminism and being feminists. One with a true sense of feminism need not scream from the rooftop that I AM A FEMINIST. It becomes very obvious with the actions one performs. One can't do anything in the name of feminism and proclaim oneself to be feminist.
How can one's different couture marks the difference in one being feminist or not? The beliefs and actions make one feminist and not the type of costumery.
A woman in a saree doing her household chores is as feminist as one going to a pub in a mini attire.
It's a sheer matter of choice. Western clothes don't make you a more feminist than simple apparel.
When a woman gives tags to another woman as "BEHENJI "or "INFERIOR" or "LOW-CLASS" on wearing simple clothes, now that's what we call anti-feminist. Being a woman alone doesn't make you a feminist. So stop judging others on their appearances.

FEMINISM never asks you to be arrogant and display unnecessary tantrums to men around you.
It doesn't give you the authority to be treated as QUEENS at the cost of other men's humiliation.
FEMINISM can never be an excuse for your odd and spoilt lifestyle.
Rather, it should be the very reason for your broad-mindedness and liberal attitude.
A true feminist would always raise one's daughter with all the means and not the way a son should be raised as womanhood is itself a blessing and a feminist would never compare two because for him both daughters and sons are equal.
Yes, a man too can be a feminist for feminism is a belief and an outlook of a person and has nothing to do with the gender following it.
According to me, FEMINISM  has always been a confusing and incomprehensible term that creates doubts in many minds and defies a single explanation.

So, hereby, I am just putting forth what belief I hold for the term FEMINISM.

  • A feminist would never behave like a whiny, helpless girl in the name of feminism for her rights.
  • She knows her worth and makes people know that too.
  • Respects males and their contributions as well.
  • Intolerant towards partiality in any spheres of life.
  • She's confident and demands respect. Also settles nothing less than she deserves.
  • Has her own standards and never allow others to fall beneath these.
  • Is respectful and compassionate to everyone around
  • Is passionate as well as subtle in her approach.
  • Holds strong ethics, knows how to say "NO" when required and stands her grounds.
  • Has her own belief system, unaltered by any influence.
  • Determined yet flexible with situations.
  • Classy yet humble. 
So people, stop being  PSEUDO-FEMINISTS ( false feminists).
When both men and women not only value themselves but also respect each other and share equal rights in every cultural, social and economic aspect therein lies the true essence of FEMINISM.

So, guys, it was my take on FEMINISM. 
I would really like to know about it from your viewpoint as well.