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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

SELF LOVE - ABC of the love with one's self.

"Loving oneself isn't vanity. It's sanity."
                                                                  - Andre Gide.

All you wonderful people out there reading this post have definitely time and again read and heard about the term 'SELF-LOVE'. 
Many of you are already in the path of practising it while a lot of you still wonders what if it appears to others as a gesture of self-obsession?

Well, self-love is way more different than self-obsession as a person with self-love has an immense love and respect for oneself the way there are and will become in coming times. Such a person's love for himself is irrespective of what others think and it is a much deeper connection to oneself wheres self-obsession is superfluous and concerned to the outward appearance of oneself and is much to do with the person's image in the eyes of others. Self-love can never harm others intentionally in a process but self-obsession has an intent of selfishness which could be dangerous to others at some time.

Below is an ABC of what I call THE SELF-LOVE.

  • Accept the fact that no one is perfect, so ain't you and hence love the way you are without trying to be harsh on yourself in a process of achieving perfection.

  • Be upfront and outspoken for things you believe in. Be courageous enough to speak the truth without worrying about your image in others' eyes.

  • Compliment yourself often with every bit of trait you behold within you, whether good, bad, sexy, ugly etc, etc. so that you don't feel a need for others to do so.

  • Do whatever you feel like provided it should fit into ethical and right domains. Do not fear to be different and out of the box.

  • Engage yourself in physical exercises, yoga, or any other recreational activities not to achieve a sleek and slender body but to attain a healthy being.

  • Find the place where you feel happy, comfortable and at best with your own self. A place where you are not stressed out and is at peace with yourself as well as your surroundings.

  • Get a life for yourself by coming out of the shadows of your dark past, learning from it, enjoy every bit of your present and welcome the future with open arms full of fortunes and prosperity.

  • Have a spiritual outlook towards different aspects of life as well. Meditate and try to keep yourself calm at times when needed.

  • Initiate the magic of forgiveness in your lives. It is not for others who hurt you but is a tool for happiness for your self.

  • Just stop judging yourself for the things you do, the way you feel, the way you look or the way in which you handle your life. Being judgemental for yourself is as bad as for others.

  • Keep the desire to learn and grow alive in your self. Remember you are never that wise to not learn new things in life and never that old to defy growth.

  • Listen to your guts and believe the power of intuition. Trust me it always helps in the required times.

  • Maintain boundaries in your life. It is very important for you to set and maintain these as it is observed that people who follow these prevent being taken granted or disrespected by others.

  • Never compare your self with others. Everyone has his own life path and experiences. When God himself created different beings, how can two people share the same sort of success, failure, joys, grief, gains, losses, etc?

  • Optimize your strengths, work on them and make them the basis of leading an optimistic life.

  • Pamper yourself whenever you feel taken aback or stressed out. Go for movies, shopping, spa or opt for any other ways to rejuvenate your inner self.

  • Quintessential style, grace, class and elegance should be the way you feel yourself and hence carry yourself with. And it not always has to do with the monetary aspect. It is the way you see yourself in your eyes.

  • Responsibility of your happiness is utterly in your hand. Start taking it for your own good and stop relying on others for the same.

  • Start spending time alone with your self. You will surely begin to love yourself the moment you find your company the best to hang out with. It is not only great for self-love but also makes you assess and evaluate your self and improvise where is required.

  • Try to 'let go' things which are involuntary and not in our hands. Some things are better to be forgotten or left onto time than to scratch your heads over these.

  • Understand what your heart wants. Practice the art of self- awareness, only then you would start loving your self. It is irrelevant and almost impractical to try attaining self-love without self-awareness and self-realisation.

  • Virtuously lead your life and learn to figure out what are the different things you should include in your life which would work best for you and fetch you good results in the long run.

  • Work towards your goals passionately and with all your efforts as hard work with sincerity never goes in vain.

  • Xenial attitude towards one's body. Always feel confident in your skin. Also, work hard to achieve the kind of body you expect from yourself but never demean or disgrace it just because you are not a zero figure chic.

  • Yearning for always be righteous and correct is really being hypothetical. It is okay to commit mistakes. Learn from it and move on.

  • Zero down the negativity both inside as well as outside of yourself. Surround yourself with a good community of people who not only bring positivity but also encourage you to be a better person.

Self-love is not a magic that happens overnight, it is an art which needs constant practice. And it can only be achieved when you try to incorporate the above-said in your life a bit by bit and a day by day. Try to focus on your life and know your worth as Self-worth is penultimate to self-love.