Be fearless in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Just Little Things..........

  • People continue considering themselves smart enough by portraying a concocted story or a facade to me and I just listen and observe as to what level they would stoop down next to.

  • Sometimes it is damn crazy to make others believe that I am getting manipulated by them when I am actually not. That feeling though is unparalleled.

  • As there is always a second option to every situation, according to me, so even if things are not tuning in to your frequency, change the plan but not your aim as there are yet many roads converging down to the same destination. So take the necessary turn and follow a different route to your success.

  • In today's world, when there is no honesty left in people's hearts how can you expect loyalty in their relationships.

  • It is always better and wise to get apart from people who always find faults in you. You ought not to waste your energy and time proving your credibilities to those who are incredibly self-obsessed.

  • Waiting and having the patience for something to be achieved is way better than getting stuck with the wrong choice throughout your life. So it is always wise to stay with your perseverance and don't be in a hurry for anything.

  • There is the slightest difference between 'things you get' and 'things you achieve'. And only a self-made person knows this difference and live by it to the core.

  • Just as you hate it to be judged by anyone, don't even spare yourself with the same when you do it with others.

  • Good health is a result of good mind and good mind resides in a peaceful heart and soul. So do whatever it takes to fetch yourself peace of mind. Sometimes it is better to be a bit selfish than being ill or sick. So invest a lot in whatever gives you love, laughter and life.

  • Stop bothering about the rumours or even something concrete being said against you. As long as you are ethically and consciously sound, You don't owe any explanation to anyone out there. Remember that rumours are created by ones who are jealous of you, carried by haters, spread by fools and accepted by idiots.

  • As it is so tiring and troublesome to carry so much luggage while travelling, similarly, in the journey of life, try to get rid off as much baggage of hatred, rage, resentments, guilt, regrets, and all negativities so as to enjoy this journey and live smoothly and stress-free.  

  • You may forget who did wrong to you but should never forget who did good as in today's world, you would be damn lucky if people around you are doing good for you. So always be grateful to such people and cherish their presence in your life.

  • Believe in forgiving people for your own peace of mind. But never give them a chance to think for a second that you are being easily made fool of. If their actions don't justify their apology, make them taste their own medicine. Since I believe that it is very polluting and degrading oneself to keep grudges, so it is always good to follow tit for tat for those who don't deserve your kindness. Never allow anyone to make a mockery out of your loyalty, honesty, love, credibility and most important of all your integrity.

  • Love freely and unconditionally but always set and maintain boundaries as every relationship, according to me, has some sort of distance which we term as 'private space'. One should always protect and nurture the same where one can grow, expand, and improve for better today and tomorrow.

  • Optimism does help guys. So be positive not only for yourself but also for people around you so that even they can be alleviated out of pessimism and scepticism.

  • There is only God who should be the sole witness for your kindness to people around you as for people, they would never appreciate or get satisfied even if you get ripped apart in order to prove them so just don't bother even.

  • There is a cure for 'wounds on the tongue' but it is not the same for 'wounds from the tongue'. So use it judiciously and wisely.

  • Never underestimate small things in your life as these have the potential to bring the biggest storm in life. So vent it out as and when required and don't let things to pile on or get accumulated.