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Thursday, January 30, 2020

The Life - As it should be.....

We humans have been blessed with so much intelligence, wisdom and senses. But are we really putting all this into something worthy, aren't we? 
Often we end up being gripped into so much of negativity and unnecessary floods of emotions that take a toll on our mental peace and our ability to think wise. 

In such times, we lose our decisiveness and try to incorporate others' life patterns and choices into ours. Forgetting that each one has different life choices based entirely on their wishes, desires, type of environment they have been into or they are in, circumstances and finally what they want out of their respective lives. 

I am not against trying new things in life which are inspired by others. But my point is to indulge yourself in things that really excite you. Things that keep you motivated and drive you crazy. Things which you feel attracted to and not the ones that are namesake and you just wanna do it because others are doing it and probably are successful in that.

Success in what measured by others while what you feel and is quantifiable from your own perspective is the level of contentment and satisfaction you fetch by achieving something you always wanted. Life is never busy or hectic or complicated. We make it by over-analysis and being over-critical about things. Life is meant to live not to be wasted by over-analysis.

Worrying about petty issues has become a habit and then people complain that they don't feel happy and contented. One would never feel so if he/she continues being like this. Your happiness is in your hands. Nobody else could provide it for you. And as long as your happiness and peace are people-dependent, you gonna lose it as per their way. And you can't blame others for that as nobody is responsible for another's happiness. 

We commonly hear people saying WHY ME? Why am I suffering? I never did wrong to anyone but I am the only one on the worst receiving end all the time. And curse that almighty to have granted you with miseries and sorrow.
But I have never come across a single person getting so much good in his life and is prospering, saying WHY ME? He/ she would never thank God to have received so much from HIM. Rather such souls are unsatiated and always want more and more. 

As diamonds are cut and given frictions to achieve brilliance and radiance in these, as Gold is made to go through fire to give that blazing golden brightness, similarly each and every experience of life is worthy of making and shaping the person as he is in his life. Every bitter moment of your life is worthy of making you a better person. The only cost it demands is your faith and patience. One who passes the bad face surely comes out wiser. It is the law of nature, even the Moon has phases- Waxing and Waning. And since we are nature too, the good and bad times in one's life also alters. Thus our experiences are like teachers taking trials and tests first and the lessons and rewards later.

Never seek solutions to your problems outside as it leads you nowhere. Rather it leaves you perplexed and bewildered. Contemplating the situations wisely by looking inside and searching the answers within yourself is enough to get the true solutions. Remember your eyes provide the sight while your heart gives you the way.

Nobody in life is a complete failure or absolutely perfect. Each one comes with one's own set of flaws. So in difficult times when you feel low, always try to look how far you have come from the past and how much you have achieved. This exercise is far better and stress-lowering than thinking about what all you have to achieve in the future and how far you still have to go. Counting on your blessings is so much important and essential than to ponder on what you are missing. 

So to live a wonderful and happy life as it should be, without any negativities like jealousy, envy, hatred, remorse and frustrations, follow the word 

R: Remember your past without any regrets.

E: Embrace your present with confidence and faith.

D: Deal with the worries pertaining to your future by preparing for it without any fear.

Trust me! Life has so much good to offer you, the only way you could enjoy it is when you know how to live it.

As I always believe that- You live only once, but if you do it right, once is damn enough guys!!