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Friday, August 28, 2020

Emerald (Panna) - The Luscious and Beautiful Stone: Significance, Benefits, Facts and Wearing Rituals.

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Today's post is about the beautiful Emerald stone also known as 'Panna' in Hindi. It is worn to maximize the good effects of the planet Mercury in one's natal chart. Hence, it truly gives the synergistic effect to the impact the planet Mercury provides in your horoscope.

It is a green coloured gemstone, very precious and one of the widely used gemstones for enhancing one's success in business, jobs, creativity fields, intellectual pursuits and dealings in which communication and knowledge are key factors.

It improves the communication skills and enhance one's confidence in public dealings. It imparts kindness, calmness and prosperity to the wearer. Renders success in business especially involving accounting, computing, finance, social media, communication, Public relations and travel related jobs as Mercury is the ever- wanderer planet.

It also aids in improving speech problems such as stammering, or nervous issues such as poor motor skills and memory loss. It also gives confidence while performing in public such as singing, dancing or any sort of recreation. It helps in increasing self-esteem and cure anxiety related to stage-fear or dealing with group of people without being intimidated or feeling inferior. Thus it is the most popular choice of gemstones for the media people such writers, directors, actors, singers, etc. 

How to choose an Emerald?

 As I have mentioned in my previous blog- 

Apart from these the other characteristics that should be considered for emeralds are:

  • The best emerald is unheated, untreated and naturally occurring which gives the best astrological benefits to the native. 

  • The colour of the Emerald is Green mostly with the top qualities having lively green colour with fair amount of lustre and transparency. Emeralds with dark green colour with blackish or bluish hues are of low quality. 

  • Practically 100% inclusion-free Emerald is nonexistent. Some inclusions are expected but should be very less for it to be the original one. You know the more inclusions, the lesser transparency and lesser the price. Natural Inclusions in Emerald are of Thread-like in nature but it should not have any black or bluish spot, cracks or knots. Clarity of the Emerald is of very importance. Should have perfect symmetry. The popular cuts can be Rectangular-Step Cut or Oval.

  • It should have a considerable amount of solidity and hardness. The MOHS scale of hardness for Emerald is 7.5-8It's composed of mainly three minerals which are chromium, vanadium and iron which imparts it the beautiful intense colour.

  • Its refractive index is 1.570-1.585.

  • Its specific gravity is 2.72.

  • The best quality Emeralds come from Columbia, Zambia while Brazil and Zimbabwe also export good quality Emeralds. The  Columbian ones are majorly used in jewelleries while the Zambian category is what's being preferred for astrological purpose due to its hue and colour.

  • The average density is 2.70.

  • Birefringence is 0.0040- 0.0070.

  • Species of Emerald: Beryl species. It is Cyclosilicate.

  • It should be at least 1/10th of the body weight so as to give prominent results. In general, 6-7 ratti is ideal for astrological purpose.

  • There should be uniformity of colour and transparency in the entire stone.

  • Should be devoid of any impurity, cracks, lines, blemishes and bubbles.

  • Its lustre and radiance should be appreciated from the naked eye.

  • Should be of required heaviness which marks its difference from the fake stone.

  • How to identify an original Emerald?

    • Apart from the above-mention characteristics, one can check if given stone leaves colour or has residues on rubbing it. 
    • Only microscopic natural inclusions will be there in original Emerald and that would be very very less if any. The gas bubbles, scratches, cuts, blemishes, knots etc are seen in fake stones.
    • If you are getting the Emerald at a cheaper price, then it is 99% fake as natural and original ones are expensive. While the synthetic Emerald comes in 20% the lesser price, the fake one can be bought for 90-95% cheaper than the original one. So beware!
    • Emerald quality depends on the 4C's i.e. Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat weight. Emeralds which are bought by the experienced  graders are to be trusted than any other cheaper version. Finest quality of emeralds are even expensive than diamonds.
    • Last but not the Least, Seek professional help when in doubt and buy certified stones always.

    How to wear Emerald?
    • Should Strictly be worn only after the consultation by the learned astrologer.
    • Should be worn on Wednesday of waxing moon period (Shukla Paksha).
    • Should be worn in between the two hours before and after the sunrise.
    • The best metal to wear it in is Gold, Silver, Platinum or White Gold. Those who can't or don't want to imbibe it in can make it in Panchdhaatu (an alloy of 5 elements Gold, Silver, Iron, Zinc and Copper. Sometimes Tin or Lead can be used in place of Zinc).

    Rituals related to wearing a Emerald.

    • You can either wear it as a pendant, bracelet or a ring.
    • Preferably it is worn in as a ring.
    • Dip it in a Panchamrit (a mixture of raw cow milk, cow fat i.e Ghee, honey or sugar, yoghurt and Gangajal i.e. Holy water) one night before the morning you wanna wear it.
    • In the morning, do your prayer rituals as you do in routine. Wash the ring with regular water and dip it in holy water just before wearing it.
    • Always seek blessings of Almighty and pray to them for the fulfilment of the purpose for which you are gonna wear the gemstone.
    • The "Beej Mantra- Ohm Braam Breem Braum Sah Buddhaye Namah" or "Ohm Aim Bum Buddhaye Namah" to be recited 108 times so as to activate the stone. After wearing you should feed green-coloured sweets to the people around and donate green cloth to the needy. You may also donate some money to the needy or in temples for its welfare as your contribution (totally your choice).
    • You should feed the poor and needy, especially on Wednesday. (This is the most pious thing and should be done anyways without any purpose or wanting anything in return. We should feed anything in any day we want but for this, Wednesday is preferable).
    • Keep your stones clean.

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