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Thursday, October 26, 2023

All About Sagittarius Rising Sign- Sagittarius Ascendant Traits and Characteristics


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Today we will discuss the ninth in the series of the zodiacal belt i.e. Sagittarius ascendant. It is one of the fire Elemental signs along with Aries and Leo. It is a mutable sign and is ruled by mighty Jupiter.


Sagittarius ascendant native has a strong build with wide shoulders. They have very charming, sparkling and beautiful eyes with brown to black tones. Broad forehead, chubby cheeks, prominent and fuller lips with a pleasant smile. The most striking feature of their appearance is a strong and sturdy back region. They have dark, shiny and brownish-black coloured hair with oval to square-shaped faces. Sagittarius ascendant native has a pleasing personality, naturally appealing body language, and confident gait. They generally have long limbs with an athletic build. Stronger calf muscles and sturdy musculature. Friendly and loving gestures with always on their toe and ever wanderers. Since they are ruled by the planet Jupiter which is the symbol of expansion, they tend to gain weight and become obese in their later lives. This can be due to their overindulgence in food and addiction to alcohol (commonly seen with this ascendant native).


One can easily notice a Sagittarius ascendant in a group of people due to their great sense of humour and strong wit. They are very jovial and love to make everyone happy around them. They find joy in making others laugh and being the heart of the gathering. Cheerful, practical, warm and energetic to the core. They hate monotonous routine life and seek newness in various aspects of life. Extrovert and extremely straightforward. If you want true critique in a friend, make one in Sagittarius ascendant. They are focused and career-oriented lads.
They are supremely optimistic in their life approach which can sometimes backfire. This is because when the situations don't go as they wish and whim, they start to lose patience and panic. They try to overlook the exact cause and re-route to the mode of escapism. But one thing that keeps them going in such situations is their innate sense of spirituality. They are very spiritual (thanks to the ruling planet Jupiter) and this is what keeps them going in difficult times. Self-sufficiency and self-preservation are the top priority for them in any given situation. 
Truly helpful and believe in a larger picture. Don't get bothered by petty issues. Calm and cool most of the time, hopeful for their future and strongly believe in the power of affirmations and manifestations. Have a philosophical bent of mind but are very hardworking and true learners for life.  They are very fond of adventures and always seek newness in their lives. Love travelling, and exploring different cultures and cuisines. Sometimes, they get addicted to alcohol and gambling (like afflicted Jupiter and bad Rahu, etc.). Honest natives who lead their lives on their own terms and principles.


As mentioned above, the main cause of concern for these natives is their weight gain, especially in the later half of their lives as the sign is ruled by Jupiter (the planet for expansion). Also, they often have a strong inclination towards alcohol and fat-rich food which may invite certain ailments related to liver and obesity. They usually gain weight around the thigh and back region which can get aggravated due to a sedentary lifestyle. So be cautious about that. Other ailments can be back pain and discomfort related to thighs, hips, and areas involving the sciatic nerve. 


'Sagittarius ascendants are generally lucky when it comes to finances'. This sentence may appear very lucrative to those born under this ascendant. But they are lucky because of the hard work they put into whatever they take into their hands. They like splurging their money on seeking new experiences and mainly travel rather than on material possessions. They don't hesitate a bit to spend on globetrotting even with less bank balance. They could be better with investments and savings. This may sometimes leave them in regret and frustration as well.
The Sagittarius ascendant people should try accumulating wealth in their professional arena rather than by gambling or risk-taking. Building social connections may prove beneficial for their finances. These natives should try keeping a check on their expenses. The position of Jupiter, Moon, Venus, Mercury and Saturn and their evaluation is important in analysing their financial situations. 
Careers that suit them- Professors, Spiritual gurus, Lawyers, Judges, Philosophers, Life coaches, Researchers, Social service, Entrepreneurs, Politicians, dancers, writers, etc.


Sagittarius ascendant natives are exceptionally loyal and protective partners. Their expression of love is quite unique in its own way. It is more on the funnier, wittier and creative side rather than die-hard romantic. The same goes for the choice of their partners. Their idea of a love date is also one that allows them to seek their adventurous and creative side rather than classic candlelight dinners. They love spending time with their partners in places that provide them with incredible mind-boggling experiences such as river rafting, cliff jumping, camping, sky-diving, etc.
The downside of being a partner to a Sagittarius ascendant is that the latter is extremely emotional and sensitive but too unexpressive in terms of exhibiting this side. To make matters even worse they expect their partners to figure out what's bothering them and fetch relevant solutions regarding the same. Failing to do so would leave a Sagittarius ascendant native frustrated and a bit irritable. They want their partners to be extremely loyal, and communicative and should offer the relationship with a spice of variety and freedom. This attribute of their personality is what makes companionship with this ascendant person a bit complicated and troublesome. Having said that, These natives are very grounded and want sheer loyalty and fun in the relationship. Once they decide to marry someone, no distraction can tempt them to opt for illicit relations ( the chart has to be analysed to rule out any afflictions and bad combinations ). Once they meet their soulmate, their ego takes the backseat and they cherish their relations with utmost sincerity and zeal.
Ascendants most compatible with them are- Leo and Aries. The Air signs ascendants- Gemini, Libra and Aquarius also gel well with them.


1. As mentioned before, this ascendant is sometimes way too optimistic to the extent that they defy the actual situation and fail to realise the dire outcomes. Even being practical, they leave some crucial decisions on destiny by being so positive. They really need to work on themselves regarding this attribute to be sane with the situation rather than being panicked.

2. Sagittarius ascendant natives need to control their urge to binge or emotionally eat which can lead to obesity and metabolic syndromes. As they can easily get prone to alcohol addiction, one needs to be cautious regarding the same to prevent liver ailments.

3. They can get moody and restless in relationships easily ( reason mentioned above ). They need to be vocal and a bit communicative to save many arguments and complications in their marriages or relationships in general.

4. They have a natural inclination towards gambling, share market, and other risk-taking money-making strategies. They need to first acquire the required knowledge in these to gain money out of these ( also the individual natal chart has to be analysed to evaluate the gain or loss in this aspect ). If they seek quick and short-term money without knowledge, luck won't favour them. 

5. Despite luck favouring them in terms of finances, they are often seen exceeding their incomes and spending too much on travel and other experiences. They need to curb their urge to over-expenditure and concentrate more on money-building.

6. Sagittarius ascendant natives have an innate tendency to over-expect in situations which may land them feeling a sense of being unaccomplished on facing failure. So it is better to have optimal expectations to avoid disheartenment. 

7. A yellow sapphire can be worn by these natives after evaluation of their individual natal chart by a learned astrologer on Thursday morning at sunrise during the waxing phase of the Moon ( Shukla Paksha )

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