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Saturday, December 21, 2019

The 12th House in Astrology

With this post, we come to an end with the series of Significance of Different Houses in Astrology.
This house is also very misunderstood (as with 8th house) by many people as it is one of the three 'Trik Bhava' or Evil Houses along with 6th and 8th house.

The 12th house becomes very important when it comes to Salvation and hence it is also known as 'Moksha Bhava' i.e. House of Salvation. Together with 4th and 8th houses, this house makes the Moksha or Spiritual Trine in astrology.

Since it marks the end of the series of the houses, it thus completes the cycle of life and its end. This is why this house deals with solitude, detachment and final emancipation. Also deals with enlightenment, attainment of spirituality, renunciation, life after death, hidden practices, taboos, defame, mental illness, grief, past life curses, aloof and abandoned places, occult and black magic practices, etc.

The 12th house primarily deals with the expenditure and sudden losses of the native, hence it is also called as 'Vyaya Bhava' i.e. House of Expenditures and Losses. Impediments, restraint and limitations, waste and extravagance, debts, expenses whether good or bad, investments, donations and charity, etc. is what this house deals with.

This house is of utmost importance to monks, sages, saints, and spiritual healers. Hermits and priests and people who go to foreign lands for spiritual healings,  philanthropists, etc. also have strong 12th house influences.

Misery and misfortunes, sorrow and sin, secret enemies, involvement in any scandal, disgrace and insults, deception, spies, intuitions, subconscious mind, imaginations, etc. come under the domain of this house. If afflicted, one can suffer from imprisonment and frequent visits to the hospital (other things are also taken into consideration in the native chart). 

Other aspects dealt by this house are- long-distance travels, foreign settlements, bed pleasures, body disfigurement, business dealings and activities in foreign lands, disgrace in the eyes of the public, endings, departures, karmas, old age, etc. Also represents the paternal uncle (father's brother). 

Being the last house, it is naturally ruled by sign #12 i.e. Pisces. The natural planetary ruler is Jupiter. The natural significator of this house is- Saturn.

Body parts ruled by this house - left eye, feet, lymphatic system, immunity, etc.

Stay Blessed!!


Friday, December 20, 2019

The 11th house in Astrology

The 11th house in astrology also referred to as 'Labha Bhav' ie. House of Gains. It is considered one of the most auspicious houses in astrology. It indicates your gains, earnings, profits, income, wealth, prosperity, etc. It also represents your dreams, aspirations, desires and probability of its fulfilment which is why it is also called the  'Kama Bhav' i.e. House of Desires.

It deals with the incoming gains and money you acquire both through your profession (seen by 10th house) and through other sources such as lotteries, gambling, secondary profession or side-business, inheritance or by means of any social group, etc.

This house also refers to your social associations. Type of friends you tend to bond with. It also deals with the kind of relationship you'll have with your friends- will it be strong, casual, selfish, mutually benefitting, taken granted of, dependant, etc. Hence, this house is also called as 'House of Friendships'. It rules friendships, groups and other organizations with which the native is associated.

The fourth conception of the child, the Stepchildren, the children you adopt and the elder brother also come under the sphere of this house. And whether that would bring gains to you or not is also seen by this house.

It represents our connections of the workplace also. Are these connections for our betterment and gains or if they are not benefitting at all can be analysed by this house. It shows the actual well-wishers, flatterers, admirers, supporters and true advisors of the native. The everlasting friendships and bonds. Also how much inclination you have in humanitarianism.

Foreign dealings and gains, speculations, higher studies, litigation, writers, health and much more. This house is also one of the 'Upachaya houses' i.e House of Growth along with 3rd, 6th and 10th. This means that these houses grow with time for the betterment of the native. And this house is the stronger growing house than the other three.

This house is naturally ruled by sign #11 i.e Aquarius and hence the natural planetary ruler is Saturn. The Natural significator of this house is- Jupiter.

Body parts ruled by this house are- calves, blood circulation, teeth, ankle, left ear, left arm, ankle, right leg, shanks, etc.

These are some of the facts in relation to the 11th house in general.

Have a beautiful life!!


Thursday, December 19, 2019

The 10th House in Astrology

The tenth house in astrology is one of the most significant houses when it comes to Kendra/Angular houses. It is also called as 'Karma House' i.e. House of Deeds. Primarily this house deals with your karmas you perform in terms of your profession and career. Thus this house is also referred to as 'House of Profession'. 

A profession is one of the most important aspects of one's life. It supports you and your loved ones with regards to your livelihood and sustenance in the world. Having a strong 10th house and its lords is boon for your profession and it may take you to heights in building a strong career.

#Note: This house is also referred to as 'The House of Father' as this is directly opposite to 4th house which is 'The House of Mother'. Your relationship with father and type of profession he is into can also be analysed by analysing this house.

It tells you a lot about the type of job profile you would be in. Type of work you do. How successful or unsuccessful you'll be in your career. Your gains and losses in terms of profession. Whether you work as a service-man working under somebody or own a business and make others work for you. How many good or bad connections you'll make in your professional arena. 

It not only tells about the profession you are pursuing but also about the desires you own for reaching a certain point in your life where you'll ultimately feel contented. It shows your earning capabilities and fame you receive by others. How much respect you will earn by your karmas is particularly seen by this house.

It represents your ambitions, goals, hard work, work ethics and your vitality to pursue what fetches you money, fame and respect. That is why this house is also known as the 'Artha House'  i.e House of Economy. How much determined or lazy you are as a person to follow your career. Will your job profile gives you satisfaction or will it be a burden for you, questions such as these come under the domain of this house.

It deals with your honour, dignity, public esteem, power and prestige, credit and recognition, authority, high posts, success and status, permanence or transition of jobs, promotions, advancement in career, job opportunities, etc. It also shows if a person will get a government job and honour from the same source.

This house is naturally ruled by the sign # 10 i.e. Capricorn and natural planetary ruler is Saturn as it is the sole in charge of your karmas. This is a very important Kendra house and its significators are- Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn.

Body parts ruled by this house are- knees, joints, bones, etc.

See you guys soon until my next post.

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Sunday, December 15, 2019

The 9th House in Astrology

The ninth house in astrology also known as 'Dharma Bhava' i.e. House of Religion. It is one of the most important Trine houses along with 1st and 5th. It is also the House of Higher Education and Spiritual bent of mind. Whether the person follows any strict religious beliefs or if he is neutral in his approach. It shows if a person follows spirituality or if he is an atheist. Such a person with a strong 9th house can be a good spiritual guru/teacher as well.

The ninth house is also a very important house as it shows how much destiny favours you. This is why it is also called the 'House of Luck and Fortune'. And since destiny favours one with good karmas, therefore, this house also tells about your morals, ethics, and your good karmas. It tells how much efforts would be fruitful and how much able you would be in shunting struggles and hindrances that come your way.

This house also deals with higher knowledge and how long you would be able to pursue your studies like post-graduation and type of stream you would be following as your higher studies.
Not only this, but it also shows the inclination of your mind towards knowledge of other realms of the world such as the occult, mystical studies and knowledge of tantras. 

A strong 9th house also tells how much able a person is to read others' mind as it reflects your psychological and philosophical bent of mind. Such a person can become a good psychologist. He loves exploring different things and believes in innovations rather than mere following of conventional things. 

This house stands for the Guru/ teachers in one's life. How good your relationship is with your teachers. And since many of us treat our fathers as our first guru/teacher in attaining the life lessons, this house also refers to as House of Father.
However, the 10th house is primarily the House of Father (in a subsequent post). 

This house also deals with long-distance foreign travels and trips. Whether these trips are useful and beneficial for you or in vain, all come under the domain of this house.
It also shows how much involved you are in the planning and taking spiritual trips such as going to pilgrimage or any place of religious significance.

Saggitarius is the natural sign ruler and Jupiter is the natural planetary ruler of this house. The natural significators of this house are Jupiter and Sun.

Body parts ruled by this house are thigh bones and region, hips, pelvic girdle, left leg, bone marrow, spleen and arterial system, etc.

That's all for the 9th house astrology guys!!