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Thursday, December 5, 2019

The 8th House in the Astrology

The Eighth House in astrology is a very misunderstood house, according to me, as this house is very often associated with death and miseries. It is considered one of the evilest houses in astrology along with 6th and 12th.

If you ever make horizontal 8, it will appear as the 'Sign of Infinity' and that is what this house deals with - the matters pertaining to life and beyond - the Infinity...

But it is not always the thumb rule, as followed by various astrologers, that the sign ruling the eighth house and the planets sitting in this house would always be malefic. Also, this is a common belief which is followed that the planets residing in this house become weak. However, there are certain factors which deny this belief and hence I always insist on this point that proper evaluation of the entire birth chart is of utmost importance in Predictive Astrology.

This house is also known as 'Ayu Bhava' i.e. House of Longevity. It is also one of the main houses to be considered in order to analyse the time and nature of death, whether it is natural, by illness or accident, etc. 

It deals with sudden events of life and speaks volumes about one's entire lifespan. It reflects the baggage of bad deeds or karmas that one is carrying in his lifetime. And hence it shows what all kinds of sudden turns life would take along the journey. The ultimate destination of the soul is to reach salvation and liberation and that is what this house aims for.

This house is primarily the 'House of Transformations' and therefore it becomes the most difficult and incomprehensible house to judge. It reflects the life-changing incidents which not only transform your approach but also you as a person. And these incidents are purely the outcome of the deeds you had performed.
If afflicted, can bring sudden miseries, pain and illnesses while if the benefic influence is there, then the process may seem to be painful but it would be rewarding ultimately. 

Other major aspects this house deals with are the hidden secrets of life, supernatural powers, intuitions, knowledge of death and beyond, higher learnings, psychology, metaphysics and psychic healing abilities, mines, research field, the study of buried, archaeological departments, etc. 

This house majorly deals with the joint assets or shared finances one holds after marriage along with the spouse and monetary possessions of the spouse. This also tells about the in-laws and relationships with them. How much contribution and support your in-laws have in your life. It represents the wealth you hold by means of inheritance, pensions, wills, insurance, legacy, gratuity, etc.

It can also reflect if there are any suicidal tendencies brewing up inside one's mind. Miseries, sorrows, strife, worries, disgrace, delays, dejection, depression, disappointments, loss, obstructions, theft and robbery, etc can also be seen by this house analysis.

It may sound strange but sex and intimacy with the partner also come under its domain along with 7th house so you can now understand how much broad-spectrum this house has in terms of important aspects of life.

Body parts ruled are the reproductive system, sexual and excretory organs, bladder, scrotum, anus, pelvis, etc.

Being 8th in the series, Scorpio is its natural sign ruler and hence natural planetary ruler is Mars along with Saturn as its natural significator or karaka. Saturn represents karmic debts and its balancing by means of ethical approach towards life. It signifies boundaries, obstructions, delays and dejections also. While the hard work it makes the native perform seems demanding but it is rewarding finally if the integrity remains unafflicted.

So by now, you guys might have realised the significance of this house in terms of so many things in life. There are lot many things associated with this house but mainly it is the above-mentioned what it deals with. The more you come to know about this house, the more you would realise how misunderstood and misinterpreted this house is in relation to the predictive astrology.

That' all for the secrets of the Eighth house. Any question or query is welcomed. 

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