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Thursday, November 28, 2019

The 7th House in Astrology

With today's post, we reach exactly halfway in our series of the significance of each house in astrology. Till now we have talked about how our self, wealth management, siblings, family, children and our health would be, by analysing houses 1st to 6th respectively. 

Now, this house is the representation of the people other than self and blood-related family members. This house talks about the people you want to have a partnership with. The people you need to bond with in order to fulfil life goals. Many people out of you consider this house as a House of Marriage and it is true. But it is not limited to this aspect only. It signifies all kinds of partnerships such as business partnerships, legal partnerships, etc. And since marriage is also a kind of commitment and partnership between two individuals who do not share a blood bond, this comes under the domain of the seventh house. 

This house is also known as 'Kalathra Bhava' and 'Jaya Bhava' i.e House of Marriage.

Various aspects of this house are as follows:

  • Since this house is exactly opposite to the first house called he Ascendant, this is also known as the Descendant. Thus it tells about the person to are partnered with as in the case of marriage, it shows your spouse traits and characteristics (both physical and mental attributes). It also reflects your marital bliss, happiness, harmony, sexual interest and fantasies, level of commitment, attraction and bonding with the spouse. events pertaining to marriage come under the domain of this house. Quite a lot can be extracted about the spouse, by looking onto the sign and planetary placements in the house.

  • Business partnerships, legal bindings, contracts, clients, court cases, agreements, etc is also what the seventh house deals with. This is the main house to be seen when it comes to divorce, quarrels between two parties, challans by the court and alimony to a spouse, etc. 

  • This house is also analysed along with 5th house for the progeny, children and fertility issues as the goal of partnership in marriage, as per nature, is the reproduction and hence one's ability to reproduce is also seen with this house.

  • It tells about your approach to other people. What you expect out of others or basically what you need in another person in a partnership. It also reflects what kind of relationship you hold with your spouse. to be concise, it governs everything related to marriage and legal partnerships.

  • It is sometimes referred to as 'House of Open Enemies' as this can land you in legal cases and enmity which also comes to the seventh house dealings.

  • It also deals with your success, gain, reputation and influence in foreign countries along with other houses. 

Body parts ruled by this house are Sexual(genital) organs, testes, ovaries, uterus, cervix, prostate gland, kidneys, rectum, pelvis, the lower vertebra of the backbone-lumbar region, urinary bladder, etc.

Being seventh in the series, the natural sign ruler is Libra and hence the natural planetary ruler is Venus.
The natural significator of this house is also Venus as it is all about love, joy, romance, passion, commitment and balance in relationships.



Wednesday, November 27, 2019

The 6th House in Astrology

The sixth house in astrology, also known as 'Gyati Bhava' and 'Roga Bhava' i.e. House of Illnesses. It is also called by different names such as 'Trika Bhava'.
It is one of the 'Dushtasthana' i.e. Evil houses along with 8th and 12th houses.
It is also the 'Apoklima Bhava', 'Trishadaya Bhava' and 'Upachhya Bhava' along with other houses that fall in respective categories. This will be further described in detail in future posts.

Like any other house in astrology, this hose also has many aspects that it deals with. It is as follows:

  • It tells about the overall health, fitness and immune system of the native by reflecting about his illnesses and types of diseases one faces in life. It also speaks about one's ability to combat it and whether it would be curable or not, acute or chronic, vulnerable or not, etc.

  • Miseries, accidents, mental anguish and anxiety, injuries, wounds, etc can also be seen from this house. Metal stress or depression and how long would it take to come out of it is also measured by this house along with other houses.

  • It signifies your enemies in any form, hidden or on the face. They can be your rivals in the business, sub-ordinates in your workplace, your friends who turned foe, employees or your true enemies who keep jealousy with you. Hence, by proper analysing this house one can evaluate how strong you are to overcome your enemies and their true hatred or rivalry for you. Or it may refer to your snobbish boss who is a hard nut but then if your 6th house has positive aspects, you can easily crack the nut out of him.

  • This house expresses the karmic difficulties by means of serving others either by being an enemy to that person or an employee serving others, under debts that need to be paid off or it may be in the form of struggles, challenges and hardships one faces. It expresses the job one needs to perform in life even if it is liked or not or been paid for or not. It thus relates to work ethics and self-discipline as well.

  • It also signifies the food we eat, more precisely habit of eating a proper diet, exercise or following a fixed routine for keeping health in check. Such as an afflicted 6th house makes native follow an unhealthy diet, poor exercise routine or no routine at all, which ultimately leads to bad health and even dire consequences in worst cases.

  • It also signifies servants and labour class. In the relationship point of view, it governs your maternal uncles and relatives of your mother's side.

Body parts ruled by the house are Large intestines, kidney, colon, anus, uterus, other parts of the digestive system, etc.

As this house is sixth in the series, the natural sign that rules it is Virgo and hence the natural or default ruler is Mercury.
The natural significators of the house are Mars and Saturn as the former resembles the will and courage to combat the odds and the latter signifies the struggles and hardships of life and the positive effect of both the planets is nothing but the Victory above all odds.



Tuesday, November 26, 2019

The 5thHouse in Astrology

To continue our series further, today let us talk about the mystery of the fifth house. This is one of the most important Trikone or Trine houses along with 1st and 9th house (1st house is both a Quadrant and a Trine house).

This house is also known as 'Putra Bhava' in astrology i.e. House of Children which means progeny, well being of children and happiness of children as well as from children, that one can cherish in life.

It has an eclectic mix of important aspects of one's life. The main areas it deals with as follows:

  • As mentioned above, it deals with matters concerning the children, their conception and gestation period of the foetus. It also tells how smooth or strenuous would be the first childbirth and pregnancy in a female chart. The lord of 5th house and planets residing in it speak a lot about the children, the gender,  and the well being of the 1st child. It also tells how good your relationship with your children would be. It thus tells about the fertility of both the parents in their respective charts.

Note: In a female chart, it shows the course of pregnancy, starting with conception, gestation period, delivery of the child and miscarriages as well. A female's womb is like the earth's lap and whatever the gender of the child would be, is to be seen primarily from her counterpart i.e. male's chart 5th house, its lord and the planets residing in it. This is similar to the seed which gets sown in the Earth's lap and with Earth's nourishment the seed blooms to become a full-fledged plant. Likewise, the Earth's nourishment is the vessel provided by the female whereas the seed is what the male counterpart would render.

  • It shows light on a person's early education and how attentive, focus and visionary the person was as a child in primary sections of education. When it comes to the education of the child and how much involvement one shows in studies,  this is the first house to be analysed, then the other houses are taken into consideration. It also deals with analytical bent and rationality of mind of an individual. 

  • This house is also the House of Romance, Affairs and Sexual inclinations along with other houses in the chart. If afflicted, it gives insight to the indulgence in infidelity, illegitimacy, extra-marital affairs, illegitimate children and frequent attractions to the opposite sex out of the wedlock. 

  • This house also relates to creativity, innovation, self-expression, artistic inclination, drama and how you like to portray yourself to others. It deals with entertainment, the pleasure you derive by following your creative pursuits, childlike spirit, games of chance as betting and gambling, recreational matters, etc. It also shows how much involvement is there in sports and how competitive the native is.

  • It throws light on how ethical the person is i.e. the virtues and moral values, religious-mindedness, interest in learning and spiritual practices.

  • Body parts ruled by the fifth house are stomach, upper abdomen,  pancreas, spine (upper and middle vertebrae), spinal cord, diaphragm, spleen, colon, liver, gall bladder, etc.

Since it is fifth in series, the default sign ruler is Leo and hence the natural ruler becomes Sun, along with Jupiter as the natural significator as this planet also rules children, fortune and wisdom.