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Monday, April 17, 2023

All About Virgo Rising Sign- Virgo Ascendant Traits and Characteristics


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So next in our Ascendant series is Virgo Ascendant which is the 6th zodiac sign and is ruled by the planet Mercury. It is a Mutable sign and one of the Eart Elemental signs along with Taurus and Capricorn. So let us quickly understand its basic details.


Virgo ascendant people have slim bodies with simple, clean, refined facial features. Curvy lips and an oval face. They usually have average height. They generally have petite shoulders with an average build and strong symmetric body stats. They have prominent foreheads with fuller cheeks and sleek and sharp noses. Their face is beautiful and attractive with charming eyes that have strong and deep gaze. They are quite congenial with a naturally controlled gait and a careful walk. Like Gemini ascendant, these people also look much younger and more youthful than their actual age. 


The most prominent feature of their personality is how they present themselves publicly. They are a perfect ten on the index of mannerisms and congeniality.  They are stubborn heads and want everything to perfection to the extent of being a maniac sometimes. They are over-critical in nature and have the superpower of picking out the tiniest details that others may not even notice. They may suffer from OCD and restlessness due to the same tendency. They are very practical, composed, introverts, methodical, dignified, fast thinkers and sometimes boastful. They react quickly and constantly work towards their upgradation and mental peace. They can be a bit judgemental sometimes and have a fault-finding tendency. They can't help it as they are innately a keen observer and tends to see through things which others may get past by. And the good part is they not only find fault and judge you but also lend a helping hand to improve on that only when you are willing to do so and ask them for their guidance. They are very stable and constant in their life approach. Always strive for excellence and have a perfect problem-solving attitude due to their detail-orientedness. Very responsible and dutiful. Polite and soft-spoken. Over-organized and self-critical. Reliable and loyal so one can always count on them for their commitments. 


Virgo ascendant people usually have a sensitive digestive system. They have ailments related to intestines mainly large intestines. Due to this, it is very common for them to suffer from constipation. There can sometimes be issues related to skin and allergies. It is also very common for them to suffer from nervousness, anxiety, insomnia, lethargy, despondency and restlessness due to their over-critical and over-thinking tendency. Usually, these people are very cautious about their eating habits and lifestyle choices but when such situations occur, they tend to overeat or binge eat. This consequently leads to obesity in them which they should be cautious about. 


These people are very visionary and have far-sightedness in terms of finances. These are very cautious with their expenditure and unnecessary spending on not-so-useful things is nonsensical to them. They are very meticulous with their savings and investments. They are a perfect balance when it comes to savings and spending. They may appear frugal to people around them but in reality, they are very wise with their money. Virgo-rising people are not only good with their finances but also great advisors to others about financial matters and investments. It is very common to see such people employed in reputed financial and investment institutions. They are excellent financial planners and quick with monetary decisions. This is the reason why many Virgo ascendant people are financially secure and wealthy. They are the most efficient lot of people who judiciously invest for their not-so-welcomed rainy days. No matter how wealthy these people get, they always keep an account of their expenditures, daily income and outgoing finances which makes them perfect finance managers. Virgo-rising people prefer long-term investment goals to short term. They leave no stone unturned and go through every inch of detail before investing in any plan. To cut it short, Virgo-rising people are the most diligent, pragmatic and punctilious with their finances. 
Career options best suit them: Great accountants, salespersons, lawyers, healers, businessmen, teachers, doctors, financial planners, investment bankers, etc.


Virgo ascendant people love perfection in every stratum of life and relationships are no different. They have simple straightforward and easygoing relationships with people around them. Their mothers are generally very spiritual in nature. They have a very cordial and practical relationship with their siblings with a non-interfering approach. They respect relationship boundaries and maintain them with the utmost integrity and loyalty. Always ready to lend a helping hand to those in need. Willing to grow and improvise wherever required and do not hesitate to speak their minds. They love their partners to be bold, rational, logical and balanced in their professional and personal lives. They do not like wishy-washy partners. They like someone who is extroverted and initiates things in terms of romantic conversation. They are a bit introverted and conservative in their approach. Highly loyal but lacks self-expression in love. They may appear boring to their lovers but keep their partner's needs before theirs. They get attracted to creative and unique minds. They are intellectual lovers and true sapiosexuals. They are very emotional and sensitive in relationships and get easily hurt if their emotional quotient doesn't get satiated. They are very self-critical and hence need a partner who encourages and supports them in eradicating their insecurities and paving the path to mutual growth and admiration. Their perfectionist attitude often creates loneliness in their mind despite having great bonding and relationships in their lives.


1. They need to break their overthinking patterns as this may lead to anxiety, restlessness and nervous disorders.

2. They are very critical of others as well as of their own selves. Due to this attribute, people often consider them judgemental and rude. They should try to ignore certain situations that are not under their and stop being overtly critical of these. This holds valid for the relationships with their kids as well. Try to not be a critical parent to your children and let them get the shape of whatever mould they want to be. 

3. They tend to get involved in binge eating especially when their feeling mentally low. Due to this they often gain weight or get diabetic in the long run. They should adopt healthy eating habits and try to distract their minds at such times.

4. They are not someone who like filters. But sometimes you need to get a little articulated (and not a flatterer ) so that others don't get hurt by your straightforwardness. 

5. Don't get to fit into standards that are based on your definition of perfectionism rather than realism. Also, lower your high expectations from your loved ones to fit into the same. Be realistic in terms of perfection as well and remember the most beautiful things in the world are not perfect but unique.

6. Meditation is the key to your mental health. It's a must for the ever-wanderer trait of the Virgo ascendants. It will not only give them a sense of peace and calmness but also enhances their work-life balance for happy living.

7. One can wear an Emerald stone to extract positive results after a recommendation from a learned astrologer. Can be worn on any Wednesday of the waxing moon phase. 

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