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Wednesday, April 12, 2023

All About Leo Rising Sign- Leo Ascendant Traits and Characteristics


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So today we have reached our 5th sign in the zodiac sign i.e. Leo Ascendant. Leo is the fixed sign and one of the Fire Elemental signs along with Aries and Sagittarius. This ascendant is ruled by the Sun. So let us begin:


Leo ascendant people are of vivacious personalities and staggering charm. They cannot get unnoticed in a crowd and demand attention wherever they go. They have a typical square face with an etched jawline and striking facial bones. The hairline is prominent with a broad and shiny forehead. The hair texture is thick with brown to golden shades. The eyes are bright and shiny with brown to hazel colour. Have prominent facial features and a yellow to golden bright tint to their skin tone. They usually have taller heights. But people with short to average height are also not uncommon.
Their upper bodies are comparatively stouter than the lower ones and have broad shoulders. Their gate is imposing and high on congeniality. As ruled by the Sun, they usually have skeletal solid structures and well-formed calf muscles. 


So when we talk about a Leo ascendant, the thing that strikes the mind is Dynamic and Royal. They are full of vitality, energy, vigour, enthusiasm, confidence (sometimes over-confidence), radiance and charm.
Sometimes they are confused about what they want from life but in those circumstances also they emerge balanced and always appear determined and focused. One cannot miss their presence in a room as they have a magnetic aura that demands attention from people. They love being in the spotlight and are natural storytellers and dramatic in nature. They are very optimistic, loyal, friendly, spontaneous and encouraging to the people around them. They are natural leaders and hate following conventional ways of approaching things. They take pride in whatever they do, but that sometimes go over the board and appear selfish and self-obsessed. They can be seen as people with sensitive and fragile egos especially,  when the Sun's position in the natal chart is afflicted. They may appear as egomaniacs to others. Once their ego gets hurt, it becomes very difficult for them to digest it but they bounce back strong with high spirits like true lions. They are highly ambitious and have very high standards for them. And the good thing is that they can achieve the set goals and that's what fuels their ego all the more. 
They have huge self-regard for themselves and sometimes exaggerate their achievements. They can sometimes turn a little intimidating to others due to their domineering nature but they can't help it as they do have that majestic personality. Their vision for every aspect of their life is quite clear and unique in itself. 


They usually have a robust immunity as ruled by the Sun. There is nothing much to worry about as far as the Sun is well placed in the chart. But due to malposition or inflictions on Sun, they may suffer from the ailments associated with the Heart, Blood circulation, Eyes, Lungs and Bones. May have back pain, hypertension, anxiety or disorders related to the above-mentioned body parts.


Leo people are quite good with finances. Even though they are highly calculative regarding monetary matters, nevertheless they believe in living life king-size. They never shy away to maintain their grandeur and love spending money on brands and luxuries. They give priority to their image a lot and spend on things that maintain the same in the public eye. They carry a high drive to make money and render every inch of themselves to gather abundance in their lives. The position of Mars in the natal chart is of high significance when judging the finances of the Leo ascendant people. It really bothers them a lot if they face any financial loss to the extent that they start feeling ill. It also takes a toll on their mental health. But this doesn't remain for a longer duration as they bounce back with an undying zest to conquer the world and soon establish themselves again.  
Careers that best suit them: Entrepreneurs, Government jobs, administrative jobs, IAS, politicians, social activists, CEOs, professors, celebrities, etc. 


In relationships, Leos are very straightforward and loyal. But they are slightly possessive about their loved ones. They have a very stable and encouraging nature of relationships with their siblings and other family members. They look upon their father and the latter has a significant role in their life-shaping. The mother exhibits a major role in family binding and is usually the pillar of strength in the household. In a romantic relationship, Leos take pride in whosoever they get associated with. But they usually don't get entirely satisfied with them as they have too many expectations from their partners. They don't beat around the bush when it comes to romance with their partners and has a very clear view of how a relationship should be. They leave no stone unturned in showing their love and passion to their partners and exhibit grand gestures in showing their love. 
Since Leo ascendant is very self-engrossed and takes pride in everything they do and possess, they usually want to get in relation with one who also thinks similarly. But in reality, when it happens, there ensues the clash of egos. Hence, it becomes a tug of war between what they actually want and with whom they can actually gel well. Even though they are not orthodox in nature, they are old-school in romantic relationships. They are a shield to their children and raise their kids as warriors. They show tremendous generosity, love, compassion, encouragement and pride in rendering them with a great support system.
Ascendants they are most compatible with- Aries and Sagittarius. Other Ascendants can be Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.


1. First and foremost, they really need to cut down on their massive ego to achieve success not only on the personal front but in every stratum of life.

2. Even though they are good with their money yet there are chances that they may exceed their credit limit in maintaining their luxurious life to suit their image. So they really need to be meticulous regarding the same.

3. Sometimes these people become rigid in their life approaches and don't wanna change as per the need of the hour. It is hence advisable for them to become a little flexible and try to understand the other side of the story as well.

4. Leo ascendant is innately a tad bit aggressive and dominating sign. Their aggression flares up like an explosion on things that are not according to their wish and whim. This attribute doesn't go well with people around them and they start drifting away from them. So try to curb your dominating and aggressive traits as possible.

5. Some kind of exercise and an active lifestyle is very important for them. Aerobics or cardio is something they may get themselves engrossed in. A simple 30-minute walk can also do the job if one has a busy routine. Following a healthy lifestyle with a less spicy and salty diet can maintain Cardiovascular health and good blood circulation in them.

6. These people are usually self-obsessed and may involve in self-praising and appreciation. The majority of the time, they do deserve that applause as well.  But one should wait for others to do so to have an actual evaluation of your image in their eyes. 

7. Leo ascendant people can wear a ruby gemstone of their weight-appropriate carat. This can be worn on any Sunday of the waxing moon phase after consulting a learned astrologer.

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