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Saturday, September 14, 2019

Affirmations-Attract what you Seek...

It's a basic human tendency to create thoughts such as- "How my life is?". Way seldom we occupy our minds with thoughts such as- "How my life should be?". 
Here, I would like to bring your notice on one thing i.e. the intensity with which we process the former thought is much deeper and intensified concerning the latter one.

We need to understand one thing very clearly- "It is our thoughts that create our lives." But the irony is that we believe in its other way around due to our experiences and circumstances we deal with in our day to day lives.

It is not about unacceptance of the reality of life but the thought process and perspective we establish on post-acceptance of the real situation.

Never seek blessings from somewhere else rather bless yourself with positive halo by having strong affirmations.
Affirmations- to seek goodness in life, optimism, success, prosperity, health, creativity, victories, gains, an abundance of happiness and joy and longevity. 

There is tremendous power in how we process our thoughts and hence always try to create the best version of these so that these further act as powerful and strong affirmations to attract what we desire of. Affirmations not only prosper us but people around us as well and hence turn out to be impregnable blessings for all of us.

Strong affirmations to attract what we want out of our lives is an unconquerable blessing in disguise. You would never need another person to fulfil your desires once you get this magical art of beholding unshakeable affirmations. Your peace, happiness and prosperity directly rely on what you imbibe employing these affirmations. 

It is an old saying that negativity spreads the similar way as the fire in the woods. But a few understand that it is the positivity and optimism that spreads far more swiftly than the former.
The only thing that bars us from getting convinced of this matter of fact is our belief system. If we happen to alter it through inculcating the habit of nurturing strong and healthy affirmations, it can enhance joy, happiness, peace, success, wealth and love to many folds. It further helps us achieve our goals through self-reliance.

Have you ever noticed Shankha (shell) being blown at the time of worship in most of the Hindu Temples? Especially at the beginning of the rituals. Along with this, there is also ongoing bell ringing during the prayers. All these rituals have a certain significance behind. These help devotee to empty their minds of any negativity and enter the state of complete surrender where one is more receptive and ready to gather all the positive thoughts. This entire process, in turn, help in strengthening the affirmations and thus regular incorporation of this in one's life can create a positive outlook and approach towards life. Prayers to God, in any form, don't do any magic but help to strengthen our affirmations and this is the only rationale of doing prayer rituals in any religion and in any which way a devotee performs it. 

Meditation also incorporates the above-mentioned so that one learns to be at peace with his/her ongoing situations and create strong powerful affirmations by releasing out stress, anxiety and any sort of negativity.

Affirmations are, therefore, intentional thoughts created to release out pessimism in any form and form strong, loving and abundant beliefs in our subconscious mind. These can be of any type based on what you want to attract for yourself. It can be a career, relationships, confidence, study, wealth, peace or overall well being, etc.

Below are a few tips to use affirmations for your success:

  • Write down your affirmations in a fresh notebook which is only meant for this purpose i.e. it should not contain any other previous notes or writings that could create preconceived notions before jotting down of your affirmations.

  • Always use positive words and a present tense while jotting down your affirmations. It leaves a profound impact on yourself.

  • Red is the colour of passion and vitality. Thus if possible use red colour to pen-down your affirmations.

  • Say and repeat these affirmations whenever you feel low on motivation.

  • Speak it aloud with your heart, mind and soul so that when you hear what you say, it will automatically create the corresponding vibrations which instil a drive in yourself to follow your dreams with full vigour.

  • Be patient. It is not a magic but a way of leading your life even in the times when chips fall really down. It is not a one-day process rather a practice or a habitual pattern that is more of an art.

  • Don't fantasize much. Be realistic in your approach while creating affirmations. Being practical is the key to increase the chances of the culmination of our affirmations into the concrete form. This not only increases your self-confidence eventually but also instils a sense of self-assurance and self-worth within you.

  • Never give up. I know this may sound very philosophical or theoretical but that is what keeps us moving despite encountering failures. I trust karma and it always repays. So trust your karmas and always strive to put best possible endeavours into anything that matters to you.

So try to use affirmations to help you manifest things more quickly. Stay happy and blessed.