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Saturday, August 24, 2019

The Mars in Astrology

The study of Mars as a planet or astrologically has always intrigued us as humans a lot. So much that many blockbusters movies have its basis. It is perhaps the only planet thought of having water and life much before the Earth. Mars is the strength in every field in the body, it is muscular strength. In politics, it is the strength of armed forces. In psychology, it is the strength of the intellect. That is why Mars is called 'Neta'- The General, the Military Man.

Mars is strong as well as the hot-headed planet, also known as 'ROMAN GOD OF WAR'. It represents warriors in life who refuse to give up in harsh times. This fierce and aggressive red planet renders the person with energy, will and a relentless fighting spirit to thrive and prosper through odds and achieve which is only being dreamt of.

It helps in both, fight to defend as well as fight to conquer the world. It brings passion to intimacy, adrenaline to adventure seekers and risk-takers, strength and masculinity to warriors and courage to executioners of any task in hand. 

Scientific/Astronomical Significance of Mars.

The hot red rustic colour of Mars is due to the iron-rich minerals on its surface which according to NASA, get oxidized or rusted to appear red in colour.

It is the fourth planet from the Sun and the second smallest (after Mercury) in the solar system. It is just a little more than half the size of the Earth with approximately 15% of its volume, 11% of its mass and an average of 200-230 million kilometres apart from the latter.

Astrological Significance of Mars.

Mars is the first ruler and the starting planet in Kaalpurush Kundli or the Default Birth Chart (as Aries is the starting sign in the default chart and Mars is the ruling planet of the sign). It is the supreme punisher or executioner. It gives the ability to take actions and in the culmination of the decisions made. Deals with all kinds of physical energies including Sexual. It is about having strong will power, ambitions, competitiveness, courage and power to make it big and magnanimous. It is just a kick of initiation of any task or work to be done.
Many people are scared due to one of its main implications in the Vedic astrology which is considered one of the criteria during matchmaking in marriage consultation and that is being Manglik or Non-Manglik.
I shall try to break many superstitions related to it in my subsequent posts as well and thus, may be able to put a stop to people in getting trapped into a false astrological snare. 

Below are some interesting astrological facts pertaining to Mars:

Planetary Cabinet: The Army Chief

Planetary Nature: Malefic

Planetary Complexion: Blood-red

Planetary Deity: Kartikeya (Lord Shiva's son besides Ganeshji)

Relationship Governed: Brother, Male friends, boyfriends (not husband) in a female chart.

Sex/Gender: Male

Element: Fire

Planetary Caste: Warriors (Kshatriyas)

Planetary Abode: Place of Fire

Planetary Taste: Bitter

Planetary Period: A Day (day and night)

Planetary Directional Strength: South

Guna: Tamsika

Physical Appearance: Mars is cruel, has blood-red eyes, is fickle-minded, liberal hearted, bilious and has a thin waist and thin physique.

Transit: 45 Days

Direction: South

Day: Tuesday

Metal: Copper

Gemstone: Red Coral

Body Parts Ruled: Bone Marrow, Red blood cells, other blood components, body energy levels, blood vessels, bile duct, etc.

Friendly Planets: Sun, Moon, Jupiter

Inimical Planets: Mercury

Neutral Planets: Saturn, Venus

Own Sign: Aries and Scorpio

Mooltrikone Sign: First 12 degrees in Aries sign

Exalted Sign: 28 degrees Capricorn sign

Debilitated Sign: 28 degrees Cancer sign

Mahadasha Period: 7 Years

Ruling Number: 9 (nine)

Natural Significator: 3rd and 6th Houses

Profession/Career Associated: Armed forces, Military and Para-military forces, Fire control services, Surgeons, Athletes, Ammunitions and Artillery services, Doctors, Mathematicians, Lawyers, Automobile Industries- Mechanical engineering, Police, Real estate, etc.


Mars when benefic impart native with lots of courage, fearlessness, ambition, determination, willpower, ability to take actions strongly even if it is standing alone for a cause. Such a person is a warrior, bold, damn confident, filled with immense valour, summit to none, fights all odds for victory, highly competitive, invincible, immovable and contentious. Full of youth, vitality, enthusiasm and belief in originality to reach the goal. Adventurous and risk-taker, dynamic attitude and loves facing challenges for final gains. A passionate and aggressive (but wise) approach to life.

#NOTE: Too strong Mars is rather harmful in which a person becomes too hot-headed and overconfident. He becomes stubborn, too aggressive and self-destructive sometimes. Such a native turns out to be bit selfish, arrogant, and exhibit recklessness towards others. May have an excessive sexual urge which may lead to having multiple partners or Extra-marital Affairs as well. So the overall chart analysis is necessary for a better conclusion or prediction of events.


Malefic or afflicted Mars renders native with timidness, fearfulness and ambitionless attitude. Illogical aggression and stubbornness. Inability to take actions and often takes too long to act or execute the planned ideas. Shifting focus and giving-up attitude with a less competitive spirit. May give rise to blood or marrow related disorders and the person lacks stamina. Too argumentative and irritable in nature. More prone to wounds, accidents and fear of getting burnt is not so uncommon. May resort to unconventional ways to win over others such as dishonesty, slaughter, quarrels, theft, or even murder. Ungrateful, violent, traitor, inhuman, oppressor, obscene and may indulge in unusual or excessive sexual encounters.

This was my take on the planet Mars in a very general form without taking into consideration the other aspects of astrology such as placements, aspects, conjunctions, etc. Proper analysis of the entire birth chart is of utmost importance in the process of final prediction for the person concerned.

So don't get too excited or disheartened by the general outlook or effects of the planets. Astrology is much deeper than it appears. So enjoy the ride!!

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