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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

The 5thHouse in Astrology

To continue our series further, today let us talk about the mystery of the fifth house. This is one of the most important Trikone or Trine houses along with 1st and 9th house (1st house is both a Quadrant and a Trine house).

This house is also known as 'Putra Bhava' in astrology i.e. House of Children which means progeny, well being of children and happiness of children as well as from children, that one can cherish in life.

It has an eclectic mix of important aspects of one's life. The main areas it deals with as follows:

  • As mentioned above, it deals with matters concerning the children, their conception and gestation period of the foetus. It also tells how smooth or strenuous would be the first childbirth and pregnancy in a female chart. The lord of 5th house and planets residing in it speak a lot about the children, the gender,  and the well being of the 1st child. It also tells how good your relationship with your children would be. It thus tells about the fertility of both the parents in their respective charts.

Note: In a female chart, it shows the course of pregnancy, starting with conception, gestation period, delivery of the child and miscarriages as well. A female's womb is like the earth's lap and whatever the gender of the child would be, is to be seen primarily from her counterpart i.e. male's chart 5th house, its lord and the planets residing in it. This is similar to the seed which gets sown in the Earth's lap and with Earth's nourishment the seed blooms to become a full-fledged plant. Likewise, the Earth's nourishment is the vessel provided by the female whereas the seed is what the male counterpart would render.

  • It shows light on a person's early education and how attentive, focus and visionary the person was as a child in primary sections of education. When it comes to the education of the child and how much involvement one shows in studies,  this is the first house to be analysed, then the other houses are taken into consideration. It also deals with analytical bent and rationality of mind of an individual. 

  • This house is also the House of Romance, Affairs and Sexual inclinations along with other houses in the chart. If afflicted, it gives insight to the indulgence in infidelity, illegitimacy, extra-marital affairs, illegitimate children and frequent attractions to the opposite sex out of the wedlock. 

  • This house also relates to creativity, innovation, self-expression, artistic inclination, drama and how you like to portray yourself to others. It deals with entertainment, the pleasure you derive by following your creative pursuits, childlike spirit, games of chance as betting and gambling, recreational matters, etc. It also shows how much involvement is there in sports and how competitive the native is.

  • It throws light on how ethical the person is i.e. the virtues and moral values, religious-mindedness, interest in learning and spiritual practices.

  • Body parts ruled by the fifth house are stomach, upper abdomen,  pancreas, spine (upper and middle vertebrae), spinal cord, diaphragm, spleen, colon, liver, gall bladder, etc.

Since it is fifth in series, the default sign ruler is Leo and hence the natural ruler becomes Sun, along with Jupiter as the natural significator as this planet also rules children, fortune and wisdom.



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