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Thursday, November 7, 2019

The 1st House in Astrology

By now you guys know how to look out for the specific house in the given birth chart. With this post, there is the commencement of fresh series regarding the significance of different houses in the astrology.
To start with, let us talk about the 1st house today!

1st house, as I mentioned in my earlier posts is known as the Ascendant/Lagna/Rising Sign/Rising Star.
To be precise, it is the House of Self.
It is also known as Tanu Bhava in the Vedic astrology (Tanu-Body and Bhava-House).

Ascendant is the most important factor in the horoscope. It is the point in the Zodiac which rises in the eastern horizon on the latitude of the birth. It marks the beginning of life as this is the first house that commences as the sun rises. Since it is first in the series, the  First house naturally belongs to sign Aries which is ruled by the Sun.
The 12 solar months are named after the 12 signs of the Zodiac. 
On the first day of Aries, the first degree of that particular sign rises in the Eastern horizon at the sunrise. The remaining signs gradually ascend till the next day at the sunrise when sunrise takes place in the second degree of the Aries sign

Henceforth, the sunrise takes place at the last degree of Zodiac on the 30th day of the Pisces sign when technically solar year ends.
Thus the Lagna/Ascendant is that particular point of the ecliptic considered with reference to the particular horizon.

Therefore, certain periods of time are allotted to each of the Zodiacal signs to rise, the duration of such periods depending upon the latitude of the place.
This is why the place of birth holds so much importance along with time and date of birth in order to fetch an accurate birth chart.

1st House/Ascendant signifies who you are and what you portray yourself to the world. It shows your inner as well as outer self.
It represents your identity, personality, character, temperament, appearance, general body constitution, head region i.e. the upper part of the face, the way you think, brain, attitude towards others and basic approach towards life.

It also signifies overall health and longevity along with other houses. It shows how much zest you have for life in general. It deals with your natural disposition and vitality. Represents fame, vigour, virtues, age and the first impression you have on others. It shows how you want to shape your life as per your basic personality traits and your likes and dislikes. It is also the house representing your strengths and weaknesses as this is what you are made of or gradually acquire as you grow. It is thus one of the most important houses when it comes to making predictions for future events.

It also tells about struggles, success or failures, fortune or misfortune and misery or happiness along with other houses.

There is a lot more significance of the 1st house in Predictive astrology but as far as general features and importance of the house are concerned, this is all that 1st house has to offer us in terms of astrology.

Would love to hear from you guys if any suggestion or doubts are there, feel free to put these in the comment section below...