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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

TIME - You can have it all but not at it's COST..........

                                                           by BENJAMIN FRANKLIN
Yes, the time has its own run and it never stops for anyone. It is very rightly said that words once spoken, arrow once shot, opportunity once missed and time once gone, never recover. True, time which has lost would never be found again. And it's very imprudent for all of us to think that we have enough time. The trouble starts from here.
Majority of us are being stuck into things which we 'have to do' rather 'love to do'. And in the process of converting our lives from 'have to' to 'love to', time gets elapsed.

If anyone out of you, have seen birth charts (kundli), you would appreciate 4 main central houses (total 12 houses in a birth chart) also known as Kendra houses. Why are these houses known by these terms?? Because these houses signify our important areas of life, namely, personal life, family(bonds and relationships) & social life and professional life.
Hence, it is wise to invest equal time for these cornerstones of our lives and not to build one at the cost of others.

Let us take an example to make a sense for the above said.
Imagine yourself giving your school examination, take Mathematics, for instance. You have exactly 3 hours to finish it.
Now you have already attempted a few questions. Next, you get stuck into one equation for which you wouldn't able to find an answer. You would keep trying and trying but unable to solve it.
What would you do next ??
Option 1- Skip that question and move to the next one. 
Option 2- Continue trying to solve it and leave the rest of the questions which carry maximum marks.
Well, the wiser option is OPTION 1.
How have you come to this conclusion? Because of the simple reason that you have TIME as a constraint.
Had you given unlimited time, you would have continued trying solving it. Due to time restriction, you chose to skip that question and moved to the next so as to increase your chances of getting a pass in the examination.
Here, nobody would ever judge you on having skipped the little difficult question and moving on because the end result was that you attempted maximum and got passed with flying colours.
You chose to move to next question because you knew time is limited to 3 hours, but in life, you take things, and especially the 4 main aspects, so granted as you think that you have enough time just because GOD hasn't disclosed your TIME LIMIT.

Similarly, if you have desires and you choose to put your blood and sweat for achieving it, go ahead and grab it but if it comes at the cost of your health, your relations and your professional life, think again. Is it really worth for?
HERE, I am not at all against hard work, determination and passion one has for the fulfilment of his desires. RATHER, I am emphasizing on the point that in a process of reaching to THAT POINT, where you imagine yourself to be CONTENTED, if you are losing time for yourself and your close ones then you really need to analyze, is this in your PRIORITY LIST over that?

You can get a second chance if you get fail in the exams but in life, once time has gone, not even a single second can be reverted. Moments spend with oneself and our loved ones ( closely knitted bonds ) are priceless and so precious which we tend to realize once time flies.

It's always worth spending time on things which make us passionate about and we love doing it. Things which not only make us go crazy about but also keep us motivated. Simultaneously, we all should learn to balance these 4 pillars of our lives as well.
As in the exams, we make sure to attempt maximum in the given time and score highest, similarly, we should make the most out of our respective lives and try to enjoy each aspect in its highest form.
And for one single question we can't afford to let a major portion of the exam go waste, similarly, we should learn not to let precious moments of our lives go in vain. Let us unwind the true essence of life which lies in different aspects and in varied dimensions. Life is too short to get stuck in a single thing or trivial matters so make maximum out of it and value time the most. As a person who values time, time values him and renders him with an overall sense of well being.
For in the end,
                          "TIME TAKES IT ALL, WHETHER YOU WANT IT OR NOT"
                                                                                                                                by STEPHEN KING