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Saturday, March 16, 2019

How to Be Fearless............

'FEAR' - Very often in our lives, we encounter situations, which are not only difficult to comprehend but 'fearful' too. The very thought of that particular time when we would have to deal with this becomes so frightening that we stop searching the way out of it rather get caught in its claws.
Yes, fear not only makes us go weak but also hinders our path to progression. It grips our mind, shakes our thought process and makes us paralyzed to further executions necessary for our growth.
It renders the person with indecisiveness to which he slowly surrenders himself as fear is the ultimate antidote to our will power.

When we listen to people saying to us, " Be fearless, Be courageous, etc.", we reflexively question ourselves that what would be the perfect state of being fearless!
The answer which we get after this self-analysis is one hypothetical space where, at a certain point, we tend to assume ourselves 'fearless'.
This is due to the fact that we often don't have the tendency to be able to delve deeper into the root of the problem. Nonetheless, we still believe in preaching others the lessons of being fearless and brave.
Have you ever thought what is the root cause of FEAR?

According to me, fear arises out of ignorance or lack of acceptance particularly; it also arises when the fate of the things are not under our control; also borne out of insecurities. And finally fear comes as a result of our attachments and desires.
All these factors are directly proportional to the intensity of the fear i.e. the stronger these factors become, the fear gets all the more intensified.  

Therefore, one can't be fearless without realizing the reason behind his fears. And henceforth, no human being ( except monks, saints, etc. ), can attain a perfect sense of fearlessness as all of us, to some extent, have insecurities, lack of accepting the things the way they naturally are, emotional strings attached to our loved ones, few to many desires and of course an uncertainty of fate.

Nobody can make you fearless. It's sheer your domain. And why to even strive to achieve a perfect sense of fearlessness at one go! Let's try a bit by bit, a day by day and one fine day, even if we are not perfectly fearless, we would still be in a position to rise above our mere apprehensions and anxieties.

You will realize how gradually and steadily, you have been able to gather strength, courage, and confidence to fight back your fears and break all the limitations once bothered you.

So in a process of becoming fearless, before starting to conquer your fear, know its origin, be aware of its cause and accept it, only then you can overcome it.



  1. Fear not always negative can be positive to...nd ur tag line be fearless in the pursuit is well written

  2. Yeah fear can be positive but if it is accompanied by panics, anxiety and hopelessness, something should be done to overcome it.

  3. Knowing its origin and aware of the cause and then accepting is the path of fearlessness. Very well written.

  4. Really very happy to say,your post is very interesting to read.I never stop myself to say something about it.You’re doing a great job.Keep it up!