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Saturday, December 21, 2019

The 12th House in Astrology

With this post, we come to an end with the series of Significance of Different Houses in Astrology.
This house is also very misunderstood (as with 8th house) by many people as it is one of the three 'Trik Bhava' or Evil Houses along with 6th and 8th house.

The 12th house becomes very important when it comes to Salvation and hence it is also known as 'Moksha Bhava' i.e. House of Salvation. Together with 4th and 8th houses, this house makes the Moksha or Spiritual Trine in astrology.

Since it marks the end of the series of the houses, it thus completes the cycle of life and its end. This is why this house deals with solitude, detachment and final emancipation. Also deals with enlightenment, attainment of spirituality, renunciation, life after death, hidden practices, taboos, defame, mental illness, grief, past life curses, aloof and abandoned places, occult and black magic practices, etc.

The 12th house primarily deals with the expenditure and sudden losses of the native, hence it is also called as 'Vyaya Bhava' i.e. House of Expenditures and Losses. Impediments, restraint and limitations, waste and extravagance, debts, expenses whether good or bad, investments, donations and charity, etc. is what this house deals with.

This house is of utmost importance to monks, sages, saints, and spiritual healers. Hermits and priests and people who go to foreign lands for spiritual healings,  philanthropists, etc. also have strong 12th house influences.

Misery and misfortunes, sorrow and sin, secret enemies, involvement in any scandal, disgrace and insults, deception, spies, intuitions, subconscious mind, imaginations, etc. come under the domain of this house. If afflicted, one can suffer from imprisonment and frequent visits to the hospital (other things are also taken into consideration in the native chart). 

Other aspects dealt by this house are- long-distance travels, foreign settlements, bed pleasures, body disfigurement, business dealings and activities in foreign lands, disgrace in the eyes of the public, endings, departures, karmas, old age, etc. Also represents the paternal uncle (father's brother). 

Being the last house, it is naturally ruled by sign #12 i.e. Pisces. The natural planetary ruler is Jupiter. The natural significator of this house is- Saturn.

Body parts ruled by this house - left eye, feet, lymphatic system, immunity, etc.

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