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Friday, December 20, 2019

The 11th house in Astrology

The 11th house in astrology also referred to as 'Labha Bhav' ie. House of Gains. It is considered one of the most auspicious houses in astrology. It indicates your gains, earnings, profits, income, wealth, prosperity, etc. It also represents your dreams, aspirations, desires and probability of its fulfilment which is why it is also called the  'Kama Bhav' i.e. House of Desires.

It deals with the incoming gains and money you acquire both through your profession (seen by 10th house) and through other sources such as lotteries, gambling, secondary profession or side-business, inheritance or by means of any social group, etc.

This house also refers to your social associations. Type of friends you tend to bond with. It also deals with the kind of relationship you'll have with your friends- will it be strong, casual, selfish, mutually benefitting, taken granted of, dependant, etc. Hence, this house is also called as 'House of Friendships'. It rules friendships, groups and other organizations with which the native is associated.

The fourth conception of the child, the Stepchildren, the children you adopt and the elder brother also come under the sphere of this house. And whether that would bring gains to you or not is also seen by this house.

It represents our connections of the workplace also. Are these connections for our betterment and gains or if they are not benefitting at all can be analysed by this house. It shows the actual well-wishers, flatterers, admirers, supporters and true advisors of the native. The everlasting friendships and bonds. Also how much inclination you have in humanitarianism.

Foreign dealings and gains, speculations, higher studies, litigation, writers, health and much more. This house is also one of the 'Upachaya houses' i.e House of Growth along with 3rd, 6th and 10th. This means that these houses grow with time for the betterment of the native. And this house is the stronger growing house than the other three.

This house is naturally ruled by sign #11 i.e Aquarius and hence the natural planetary ruler is Saturn. The Natural significator of this house is- Jupiter.

Body parts ruled by this house are- calves, blood circulation, teeth, ankle, left ear, left arm, ankle, right leg, shanks, etc.

These are some of the facts in relation to the 11th house in general.

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