Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The Sun in Astrology

According to Maharishi Parashara's 'Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra' - "Surya Atma Jagatah Tastu Shashcha" i.e. the Sun is the soul of all that exists, whether inert or moving. The Sun is vital to the very existence of things. The word Atma (soul) means the self of a man is studied and considered from the condition of the Sun in his/her birth chart.

Scientific/Astronomical significance of the Sun.

Sun is not the planet but a luminary, a star that shines bright, being the centre of the solar system. A giant red plasma ball which was formed more than 4.5 billion years ago and comprised mainly of helium and hydrogen.
It is the prime life-giving force without which no life is possible on the Earth. It thus acts as the soul, the pivot and the support to all that exists.

Astrological significance of the Sun.

Since we all know that the Sun is not the planet but on astrological grounds, it is considered one of the 9 planets that constitute the Vedic astrology.

The below-mentioned facts shall make your understanding of the Sun in astrology, simple and precise.

Planetary Cabinet: King

Planetary Nature: Malefic

Planetary Complexion: Blood-red

Planetary Deities: Fire(Agni)

Relationship Governed: Father

Sex/Gender: Male

Element: Fire

Planetary Caste: Warriors(Kshatriyas)

Guna: Sattwika

Planetary Abode: Temple

Planetary Taste: Pungent

Planetary Period: Ayana

Planetary Directional Strength: South Direction

Physical Appearance: Honey-coloured eyes, square body, clean habits, is bilious, intelligent, manly and limited hair on the head.

Transit: 1 Month

Direction: East

Day: Sunday

Metal: Gold

Gemstone: Ruby(Manik)

Body Parts Ruled: Bones, Heart, Head, Eyes, Hair and Overall Health and Vitality.

Friendly Planets: Jupiter, Mars, Moon

Inimical Planets: Venus, Saturn

Neutral Planets: Mercury

Own Sign: Leo

Mooltrikone Sign: Leo 20 degrees

Exalted Sign: Aries 10 degrees

Debilitated Sign: Libra 10 degrees

Mahadasha Period: 6 years

Ruling Number: 1(One)

Natural Significator: 1st, 9th and 10th houses

Profession/Career Associated: Govt. sector jobs, Leaders, Politicians, Administrative and Managerial jobs, Armed forces, Civil servants, Gemologists, Consultants etc.


Disciplined, Honest, Robust, Courageous, Strong-willed, Authoritative, Good Leader, Ambitious, Bold, Confident, Straight-forward, Good Administrative and Managerial abilities, Enjoy good Govt. services and associations, successful Politician, etc.

#NOTE: Too strong Sun can be bad as it may impart individual with lots of ego, aggression and stubbornness where he constantly urges for attention and appreciation from others. He suffers from superiority complex as well. So this should be kept in check.


Missing of great opportunities in life, Unnecessary expenditure, May lose reputation in Govt. or legal litigations, Low self-confidence, Reserved, Obstacles and hurdles in life, Not so good relationship with father, Difficulty in getting fame despite being talented, less hair on the head or bald, etc. Frustrations may lead to cynicism sometimes.

However, according to me, Sun can never be weak in the birth chart despite being debilitated. This is a sort of an eclipse of the Sun which may push the person with the bad placement of the Sun to suffer its mal effects. Such a person may feel relieved after the age of 35 years when he would start getting recognition for his hard work and talents.

This was my take on the Sun in a very general form without taking into consideration the other aspects of astrology such as placements, aspects, conjunctions, etc. Proper analysis of the entire birth chart is of utmost importance in the process of final prediction for the person concerned.

So don't get too excited or disheartened by the general outlook or effects of the planets. Astrology is much deeper than it appears. So enjoy the ride!!

Reference:  Maharishi Parashara's 'Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra' book.

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